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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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Upper intermediate: B2


ok..... hi sister how are you ?? hoping are right ....... about your situation i think there is no problem here because you should spend your life and your brother BILLAL  have his life i know you love him and as you was saying you alwyse together .... it,s a big challenge but for me try again and forget this subject .. the life it,s your life so enjoy it and be alwyse smile for founding beautiful life .

I think it's a good idea if you have a nice job and you are responsible. 

Hello! I live in London but I am from Pakistan . In my country mostly people live in joint family .I love to live with parents . But after getting married it's not a good experience . It depends on everyone's circumstances .

Oh, I would like to leave alone but in my motherland it's unpossible, because here girls live with their parents until they'll be married and after that we must to live with his parents, so I prefer to live with my parents to the end :)))))))))

Hi everybody,I'm from VietNam.

I live with my parents, but I think it isn't true, because every body who achieve the age of adulthood have to build his or her own private live independently. It doesn't mean the person have to forget his or her parents or relatives, everyone should respect parents and relatives but at the same time every body as a individual have to be able to struggle with  problems of life oneself.
What kind of living you prefer I wish you to be happy

Hello,everybody.I'm Penghao from China. In my city,the young people mostly live with parents until they get married.

Hello to everyone. I am Pedro from Spain. Now I am trying for learning English. At now I'm trying to improve my basic writing.
About the such, I prefer to live on my own because I like to feel freedom. (I don't know if you understand to me) I understand people who need to live with their parents for money reason (they don't found any job). Also people need to live with somebody, they don't like to be alone.
Thank you.

 hi pedro
 i am imene. i am a student at university. i study English.
i liked your comment and your opinion
i want to improve my self in English  if you don"t mind  we can learn together.
when you learn a new word or a new rule. you tell me and me too.

Hello Adam
I am Vedat.I am the new employee of British Council.I want to do practice by speaking English.Because of it I need a friend for speak in English.Could you please help me about it?
Thanks and best regards/Vedat.