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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Vedat,
If you work for the British Council, some of your colleagues are probably also working on improving their English - or they might know someone who is. You could practise speaking with them.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hi gyus,
i think it soo nice and fun to live alone but sometimes it is so boring and a bet scary , maybe living with a friend in a nice house will be not such as boring  a  scary, for example; you can talk about your life, problems, etc..., in the weekend you go back to your parent's house talk with them help them sometimes and things like that. at last i prefer living alone any way.
best wishes gyus.

I think It's not a good idea.

​hello!Im from kosovo..and in our country is very importan to live with our parents..most of the people here live with their parents even after their get married and have family is very important..bye

Hi everyone 
thank you British council
i learn a lot 

Hi im from syria
In our country we cant live by our self until we get married or if we had to study in another city
In my opinion its the best way to keep the boy or the girl under controled cuz they cant go in this experience by age of 18
They are still teenagers and need love,shilter,money until they graduate or find a job....
Thank you

hi all,thx British  co...for all the efforts that u spent making this site so useful i hope to study in the center soon,i think it's a great thing to live on your own because you will have to learn to be responsible for all aspects in your life   

I'd like to live my own when I'm in the college

Iam ali from saudi . it is so great for learing english so fast  thank you so much . i

this is not the manner to read a text for the students . She reads too fast,so I've put mute. thank you.