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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


in my country i think it's not easy to live alone especially for girls, i beleive in we should depends on ourselvies

Here in morocco, many people if not most of them lived with her parents until to get married, girls & boys same case. Personally, I was staying with my parents even if I get a good job & gain more much money, we should help our parents financial & take care of them.

The woman said 'travel to work' and 'travel for work'. What is the difference?
Also she used lots of phrasal verbs that end with 'up': 

  1. save up more money
  2. who brought you up
  3. to get up so early
  4. my friends to come up
  5. save up for your bills
  6. tidy up my apartment

In the 1th, 4th and 5th, if she omitted the up​, would it make difference?
And one more question, she said:
My experience was that after we moved into the apartment, it was not until the kitchen cupboard was soaked with water that we found out there was water leakage in the kitchen sink.
I can not get what 'it was not until' means here. What 'it'?
Thank you in advance.
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hello everyone ! i've just got here and i think that i'll like it !!!
the topics are very interesting ... thank you all!

What´s up everybody!
One of the most important stage in the human live is living apart, cause  is a little step to reach the independence, everyone need to be alone for realize of all things we have while living whit our parents but that now we get it whit own.
Really  I Did five years ago and I guess I grown in many aspects by myself.  

I think living apart is a important aspect of growing.... you have to be responsibly of many things like food, payments, etc.... but is a great experience if you want to gain independence ;)

i Don,t know where  can i  write the activity answers

Hello Ranya,

Do you mean the interactive activities (for example, the vocabulary task) or the discussion questions (for example, the one about living with parents)?

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The LearnEnglish Team

i think that living on your own is something good, for you can gain more experience, and you will be more in contact with the world around you. it teaches you to be more independent and responsible, but above all you  have to choose the proper time.
a good listening activety

At first, when the first time I leaved my parents for duty and started living on my own, I found it so difficult to get my self used to living on my own. I had to fulfil my needs such as washing, cooking, and etc by my self. I had to wake up earlier everymorning without hearing my mom's yell to wake me up... It was just wierd I guessed.,,,,,But, after months and years, I began to enjoy my new life, and I like it. It just lectured me how to aprreciate time, be dicipline and responsible for my own life.
But, talking aobout money, one of the factor why we're not ready to live on our own, we will find, of course, legal   way to gain it when we realy feel we have responsibility for our own life as I tell u before.
So, never be afraid to start living on your own.