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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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hello everybody
in fact i live with my parents ,i enjoy my life , my parents used to give me freedom to do what i want, they let me went abroad  , they think that if i choose wrong , i will learn something i have not know before

Hello everybody! I tnink all adults with good income have to live on their own. Of course in this case they become more indepedent and responsible. I am married and my husband and me live with his parents. I think if we have more money we would live on our own. On other hand, my husband parents regard very kind with me and always try to help us. I have a son and their help is very useful for me. If i live on my own I should keep a housekeeper and it should spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, financial indepedence is the most important sort of indepedences...

i prefer to live with my parents...actually i live with my mom and sis and I think that to live with ypur family is thE  best thing that could happend to you..:)

Hi everyone 
About the topic:I think living whith your parents it is necessary until you become an adult.From the moment you grow up then it is your responsability to take care of your self and to try building up your own life.It is very important to take some separation from your parents by taking the first step and start living on your own.In this way you will have to face life and its difficulties by yourself.It will be hard and troublesome but after some time you will get use to it.I would prefer living by myself it might be difficult ,i probably will have financial problems and lower support but every mistake i make, every decision,it will be my responsability.And if i fail ,i will grow from experience. This is the way it alwayes has been and it should be going on like this.Its not like im totaly againts living whith your parents but if i or you want to become someone in life then we should start caring about ourself cuz if we cant look after ourself how can we pretend to have a family for example.
I enjoyed givin my opinion about the topic greetings from Albania

I always wanted to live along  and I did it.

Hello, everybody. This problem is now very acute for me as I'm married but my husband and I have still to live with my parents. I hate living in town so renting an apartment is not acceptable for me. Besides all my young family's expenses are spent on building a house of our own. I don't know for sure how this is solved in European countries, but unfortunately in my motherland I have very few chances to get my own independent home in the near 5 years. My salary of a teacher doesn't allow me to make big money that is enough for separating, nor does my husband's. And it's a pity that in my country this profession is valuable only on words but not in practice. So the only way remained is to put up with dependence. I don't mean that we are living at my parents' expenses - no, it's not so. We share some household duties, have certain responsibilities. But it's very hard, I must say, to adapt to others and constantly seek compromises. Of course, advantages are irrefutable. But I am ready to accept the status of a housekeeper and exchange all this pros for separating and leading the life in the way I like. I wonder how such a problem maybe concerned abroad. Will anybody share?

There are absolutely both advantages and disadvantages to live on your own. I lived on my own for a year and I liked the independence and the confidence it gave. I worked at that time and it made it possible to pay the rent, the electricity and food and everything. But at the same time as it was nice to take care of myself it was often lonely. When I came home from work I ate alone and when I got up in the morning I ate my breakfast alone. It was to quite and I longed for company. Another thing I missed were the short way to town that my parents have. When I moved out I moved further away from town to get an apartment.
When I was going to start study I decided to move back to my parents. The economic benefits together with my wish to live nearer town made me move back. I felt that the time on my own had made me appreciate the company of my parents more and I was happy to live with them again. Many people see it as a failure to move back when you once moved out but I haven't regret my decision.

I think u r right. I appreciate and honor ur decision.

I think when you were grown up(over eighteen years old) you should not live with your parents.When you had to fall in line with social life you must worry about my life such as rent,spending money, expenses for meals, etc. You have to look for the most sensible spending method. You became a dignified people when you didn't depend on your parents. On the other hand, it has got some advantage. You can going out with your friends and come home lately. You can have a party until middle or two o'clock a.m. You can put everything in the wrong place without got a scolding of parent,etc.
In summary, I like living on my own.hjhjhj

hello every body