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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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I would choose living with my parents since I'm not yet capable of supporting myself on my own. In our country, many young people decide to live with their family until they have means and the money to live independently. It's also been a custom for many couples to stay with their parents so they can form closer family ties. Our culture puts emphasis on the extended family that's why a single household can be composed of two or more families. In other cultures, young people are encouraged to live on their own at a young age to instill self-reliance and responsibility. Regardless of the living preference, parents should always support and guide their children in making important decisions. It would be better if children are encouraged to gradually be independent rather than to live on their own abruptly.
Living independently involves maturity and financial capability. One must have a stable job with above average salary to support yourself and pay for the costs of living alone. It might not be easy because you would have to do all the household chores yourself unless you can pay for someone who will do it for you. You're also responsible to look after your own home, to keep it clean, organized and well maintained. This will entail additional expenses and work on your part. For the self-reliant, the trade offs may be worth it but for the immature, the immense responsibility might scare them away.

I really like the comment of Tiong from Malaysia. If you are single and works near your parents house why bother moving out to live on your own.  Some may value their independence more that the comforts of their own home, in my opinion, renting outside means money and there are better useful things one can invest their money into.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of living on your own. In my opinion, before you decide to move out and live on your own, you must weigh up the pros and cons, if your working place is quite far from your parents' house then of course you should live on your own, if not then you'd better live with your parents, because family home is the most comfortable one with many convenience, whereas what you rented one is just a room without any facilities, besides that there are a lot of trade-offs you have to consider.....

i m farab.
I live wth my family in a's usually far from the place where i takes 2 hours for me to commute back and forth.Place of living has very strong and influencing effect on our lives.

I got married in 19 years. Before I lived with my parents, because I didn`t have enough money to live in my own. But I always wanted to live alone. In the early days of our marriage I and my hasband  lived with my grendma. She, of course, was glad. She was not so lonely. Soon after she died. Grendma left her apartment to me. Then we understood what it means to be owners.  Of course, we were glad of such a gift. In the other hand, this ment the perfomans of certain duties. But we liked to be independent and decision independently. Now we have two children and we teach them to do so. We want they will live in their own in the future.

dear lrishcka
i read your comment ,that was graet,your english is very good.
i want to say one mistake in yor scrip.when you talk about yourself with another have to say for example:
my hasband and i
not :i and my hasband
my family and i
she and i
lrishcka and i

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It's good of you to praise Irishcka's comment. I hope you don't mind me pointing this out but you have spelled husband wrong.

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I think it's useful for people who are of age and have a decent  job to move out and live on their own. Living on your own you learn to be responsible, independent and rely on yourself. Leaving your parents'  home doesn't mean that you won't keep in touch. Your relationships may even become better. Parents shouldn't discourage their children from moving out because in such a way their children learn to live. Parents should support their children and their decision and offer them help if it is needed.

I  prefer   living   alone  and   regularly   i  will   come  together   with  my   families!

For me When people who will living on their own it's sound good if they grow enough to give their responsibility because their have to do everything by themselves that is very hard and when they get trouble on their own they must to know what should to do?