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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


hello every body. i live with my parents and i enjoy living with them. in my country (Iran) recently some girls and boys leave parents and go to own home. but they usually  do bad works and be bad person. so i think is better than girls and boys live with their parents in iran because most of them don't have any capacity for living single.if i have a mistake in my writting plz tell me.

It’s affected a lot, for example here in Egypt it is not allowed for girl to live on her own as long as her parents alive. Parents here always worry about their kids (boy or girl) even there is a reason to worry about or not, so they can’t accept this idea for girl, they always thinking how she will do if she faced any trouble?
I like this listening activity, and I gain a lot of information :)

Hello I'm living with my parents, but I think it´s time I move out, I've wanted to live on my own one year ago and I hope to do soon. However in my country getting a new apartment is very expensive and the money that I've saved isn't enough, then  I need to get a credit with some bank for buying my apartment, because I don´t want to use the other one's.

I agree with you about living with parents so long can be stressful, also on your opinion that living in other people`s apartment could be more stressful indeed; but what I can´t understand is why do you need to BUY the apartment. This involves a long term mortgage.. and who knows what is going to happens. I find easy renting one on the place that you like now, the you can leave it at any moment you like or need changing place. 

I'm from Romanian.This title seems to be very interesting I like to leave a comment until  the text will be downloaded.
I think it will be great to live on your own but you need your parents' suggestion.I'm 15 years old and I don't think I can leave  on my own...ever,or perhaps when I will be 17 or 18 years old but not right now .I love my parents  ,I love my sister,my family and i don't think i can live without them!
Be like me, always happy!!!

Hi! I'm from Romania too. I don't speak & write English very well and I want to ask people who know this language better than me to correct me. I think it is good for me to correct my mistakes with your help. We can help each other. Therefore, if Happy-girl doesn't get angry, I want to say that "Romania" is the country and "Romanian" is the nationality. So, you can say "I'm from Romania." or "I'm Romanian.".
Enough with that. I want to talk about "Living on my own". The speaker told us about Chinese tradition, so I want to do the same think. In fact, I want to talk about Romanian tradition. In my country, the kids stay with their family until they go to the university. Of course, if they don't live in the city where the university is. The students who come from other towns live in hostels/halls (the place where students from university live). Unfortunately, there are not enough places, so several are under the necessity of rent a flat. After the graduation, they rent a house, purchase one or turn back to their families. Is very difficult to buy or rent a house in a big city, so staying in the city where you study (where universities are) is a big deal.

Hello all
for me actually i prefer or better live with parents  but i aware that soon or late your will split with  your parent right? such as when you decided to get marred with your couple , i think you should split up with your parent , first you couple i think will inconvenient if he /she live with your parent, secondly i think is better for you and your couple  to living on your own  because you will independent to manage your family without a fear to get influent from your family or relative ,but don't forget if your parent getting old , i think  you should take care  your parent so you have living with them as long as do your best.

Hello guys;
I like to live on my own,that helps you to be confident and get skills that they can help you,it's normal to feel alone but at the end, you will see the difference,nowadays,it's very complicated to bought an apartment in nice place,it costs a lot of money, so people accepted to share with their parents and save money,so,living on your own, it depends of you financial situation and your salary.

I think it's better to live on your own, as you are independent. Your life is your life, but if you have some difficulties parents always help you)

       Hi guys
 i am from Algeria .i prefer to live with my family. in my country it is a shame if a girl lives alone and forbidden ...... the hire is so expensive too .
i have three brothers and one sister and i get on very well with my brother BILLEL. i am 22; and he is 26. and  we talk in every subject. he always advises me and buys me what i want. he will marry soon .sometimes i think if he will change?  
what i do? we have passed all our life together and suddenly he will leave.
i don 't  think i can bear. perhaps the time can do what we don't ................................. ( i  didn't find the suitable word).