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Marathon running

Listen to Lluís talking about running and what happened when he ran the Barcelona marathon.

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Intermediate: B1


I like running. I train to run 10 K. Due to the pandemic I stopped training for 10 month. Running in very important to my life. It allows me to be good with myself. It keep me healthy. Something very important is to have a watch that helps you measure time, speed and heart rate.

I like walking. I walk everyday in the morning in Almond Park. I try to stard running but I think in first time is so dificcult because when I try to run I become so numb. I think my body is not ready for this exercices. When I was young I interested volleyball and basketball.

I don't like running, but I used to go to the gym to work out five days a week, when the gims were open. Now, due to Covid, I work out at home. When I was young I played volleyball as an amateur.