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Music and social media

Listen to Jordan talking about music and how social media has changed the way we discover new bands.

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Note from the LearnEnglish Team: since this interview was recorded, Jordan's YouTube channel has changed to JJ Clarke.  



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Upper intermediate: B2


I think that the effects caused by social media such as Instagram or youtube have of both sides, advantages and disadvantages, first one because artists at the beginning have the possibility to show their work regarding they do it and on the other hand the music industry can get more clients easier than before when people bought CDs for listening music. Finally, an enormous problem is most people don't have awareness what is the damage they caused when downloading music from sites without permission instead of buying music directly on the artist site or company that represents the artist.

I believe the social media contributes hugely on the music. Many of them are positive effective according to me. Firstly, someone may calculate whether his or her songs are successful or not. And thus he can gain more advertising budgets. In addition this, someone's coming across as a musician, all people have approximately equal conditions. I mean, if a people want to release a song album, he can easily make this. No extra cost, no studio, no agent or no Any acquinantance. As long as a good work has been done. Doesn't it have any negative features? Yes of course it has. For example, it is hard decision to select correct and quality songs for audience due to of huge numbers of 'new musicians'. You need to take a offering.

I thinks music has changed in term of distribution in relation to influences that social media have on our present generation.
The positive effect of social media on music include provision of channel to stream and purchase music online, while the negative effect centre on viral use of kept music by DJ at some event.

I think social media can give the artists ample opportunity to display their talents to the audience. In this case, the artists will make the benefit of comments of the audience, some will comment on their works positively, so that will motivate them exponentially and trigger them to continue in their career, and even negative comments will help them improve their performs and find their weakness . Finally, they can make a lote of many through their pages, which was in the past very hard to live as a musician or artist.

The social media can give a rapid and unexpected approval also to slapdash musician or bands, but, for lasting, it's necessary that the artists are very capable.