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My son

Listen to Ron talking about how he spends his time with his young son.

Talk about: My son

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i love this one

My son is now 4 months old, and I feel you same same me. I agree with you that child can bring happy to the family and to my life. I think you're good father and me too :D

I like your story about your son.I'm a mother,my daughter is now nearly 3years old,she has been taking us so much fun although I feel tired sometimes.

Hello Sir,
Would mind explaining what's difference between unhappy and disagree? "Un & dis" both are negative prefixes but in our country sometime students get confused that why we can't use only one prefix with all the words.

Hello Umar Aftab,

First of all, there is a difference is word category: unhappy is an adjective, while disagree is a verb.

The prefixes un- and dis- are very similar and there are very few words where you can choose between the two. Rather, a particular word takes one or the other and this simply needs to be learned; it is not a case of choosing on the basis of meaning.

Where there is a choice, such as with the words unowned and disowned I would say that dis- suggests doing the opposite of the core word, while un- merely means 'not'. Thus, unowned means 'not owned' while disowned means something like 'once accepted, now rejected (from the family)'.

I hope that helps to clarify it for you.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

According to me,nurturing that means bringing up is very important. With proper training and patience, taming is possible.
I recharge my batteries by talking to my parents who are far away from me.
I am amazeb by my son's cute actions. He is 2 years old and when he reads books, he speaks the names of objects and points to the similar object he can find in real world. He expresses hotness coldness and if he has pain before he cries he speaks the word pain and points toward the place where he has pain.

It is the best story about family.but I can not download this audio.please help me.

Hello Sar ya,

Look for the link which is headed

Download audio (4.6 MB)

Right-click on this and choose 'Save as...' to download the audio file.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

The best thing in this story that the man has known a suffering of his parents to grow up and teach him .It's very good story about family.l really like it.

Learning English is usefull when we talk about things like that. Children are the best in our lives when we become parents.