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My son

Listen to Ron talking about how he spends his time with his young son.

Talk about: My son

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I can not download this audio. please help me.

I also want to know that do we have permit to download these audio?

Hello Saw Bwar,

You should be able to download the file by right-clicking on the 'Download audio (4.6 MB)' link and choosing where you would like to save it. I have checked the file and it should download without any problems.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Mr. Peter,

Now I get it, as you tell me. So many thanks for reply me.
This is my first time, studying English with online.

In fact Nurture and Nature are two different words having their own meaning; nurture means caring of someone when he/she is growing while nature is God given reality.
Whenever I am overwhelmed, I stop my work/study for some moments and during this interval I eat fruits or watch TV or listen music that having motivational lyrics.
Oh! yes I was really surprised when my little cousin, of around 2 years old, first separated the seeds of Chiku then ate Its pulp.

Oh my god it is very difficult when the speaker said " eight months old " , I understood it just when I read the transcript.
it is like one word, thank you for this great site.

In my opinion, nuture is better for a child. If we don't have parents, we will have diffiiculty in handle a problem how easy. Their nutures and experiences help us go in a right way and be more confident.
If I am overwhelmed by work and stressfull, I will go to a short rest first. Sleeping may be good for me. And then I do some my favourite time-killing such as singing and walking. Lastly, I smile more before working again :)
Thank you for reading my mind!

My parents did the best for me so hardly I can do like them for my children now .

we have to know the value of our parents

That is what we called "Socialization" a long-life process in which we learn moral values, attitude, behavior & norms.

This is very help full