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My son

Listen to Ron talking about how he spends his time with his young son.

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I love to spend my time with my children although it isn't a propely " recharge". I have got two sons , they are 14 and 11 , so i missing the time when they were a small children.

How i can send my podcasts to you ?

Hello SobhaN_Ghanavati,

I'm afraid I don't quite understand your question. We don't ask for podcasts from users - we offer various podcast which you can listen to, however.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks Peter M
i think users or everyone can send podcasts and talk about somthing interesting for them .

Best wishes.

Very Nice learning site it is very helpful to the learner who want to learn english .

kids are like gods in human form. if we all could be like young children in their innocence this world will be a great place to live in

I really want to have a son but I feel pessimist because in my family, my parents only have one son, he is my younger brother. To get son, my mom gave birth many time until get son. So I have a big family, 5 sisters and one brother. My oldest sister when got married, she wanted to have son, but she only get 2 daughters.
Well, lets see then will I have son? :)

Yes, you will have a son or more...then they will be your treasures. I hope so.

May God Bless him ..

I think' it's a great page for learning english...I love it