Can Magda get her dream job by following Johnny’s interview advice?

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


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I am glad I can learn this lesson. It is hard to find a new job. I had an interview last month. And they asked me so many questions. Then I asked one question that what was their company goal? And they told me they didn't know. so i guess i still need to find an new.
and hope i have some lucks next time.
I try to keep practice my English.
That is all today.
Thank you.

Hello the LearnEnglish Team,
I think I noticed the Possessive Case here… Johnny: "Got to go right now... just to the doctor's though". The same thing I saw in Series 01 Episode 07 of "Elementary Podcasts"… Emily: "And you can go to the chemist's and get yourself something to take". If "the doctor's" or "the chemist's" is the possessive form then where is its object? It is absent... What is the meaning of such form? And what situation is acceptable to it? I didn't find anything about that in my grammar book and on the Internet.
Best wishes, Maricci

Hello Maricci,

Yes, these have the form of possessives, but are really nouns – see 'chemist' in the Cambridge Dictionary, for example, and you'll see in the third entry that 'chemist's' is listed: 

UK (UK also chemist's, US drugstore) a ​shop where you can ​buy ​medicines, ​make-up, and sometimes other things such as ​chocolate

It might be helpful to think of the word 'shop' or 'office' as coming after the 'chemist's' and the 'doctor's' – that's the idea.

I hope that makes sense!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team


P.S. Sorry… mistake… "I should have looked up the dictionary"… not watch!… )) always confuse… in Russian language 'watch' = 'look up' — the same meaning...

I got it... I suppose... The word 'shop' is already absent... And English speakers just call it 'chemist's'. The possessive form gave the name of the public place. It's like in Italian language, for example, 'gelato' (ice cream) -> 'gelateria' (the place where ice cream is sold)... I should have watched the dictionary instead of the grammar book! ))
Thank you very much, Kirk!!
And my best wishes,

Thank you

Hello, Learn English Team.
Thank you for giving a good opportunity to learn and improve an English. These lessons are very big helpful to learn how to speak because of there are interesting conversations and idioms. But Those are not good accent and pronunciation to improve listening skill and speaking clearly like an British people and American. So could you prepare clear accent and pronunciation lessons for people who learning an English?

Hello chuka1,

The accents in Big City Small World represent the way English is used today, which includes accents which are not from the UK or US. Many of the speakers are from those countries but we feel it is important to give an accurate representation of how the language is used in London and similar large cities, and that is why we include a range of accents.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I totally agree!

Thank you Kirk for your help. It's OK If I answer before the question... Funny thing. I'm not an expert with computers, but I'll ask my husband what I use and tell you.