Magda receives the result of her job interview, whilst Sarah continues to have problems with her house.

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 Hi SaidaKeri

If you say: I'm past that now. It means that you have got to a stage in your life when you no longer feel you should be doing it. 

E.g. I used to get really nervous when I first started teaching but I'm past that now. I have enough experience.

'I've passed that stage' could be used to mean the same thing but the use of the present perfect makes it seem like 'that stage' was more recent than what Harry says.

I hope that helps but if you want more clarification, please let us know.



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Mr Radford, thank you for your reply. Now I think that I understand the differense between mentioned phrases. And I've found  out  meaning of phrase 'be past it' in your online dictionary.- it says  "  to be old to do smth". It is quite clear for me now.:))) Thank you for your attention and help.
 P.S.It is  a fantastic site! I love British Council !:)))

Prepositions and the verbs with corrects forms are my great problems! I'll learn!

hi Adam
i am very happy that i am one member  of this sweet site , and if you get me a chance , i would like to ask about some sentences biulding( great ... what is it you do again ? ; how come you always forget this stuff ? ) because it seemed so defficult to me to build lake them , there are two subjets and two verbs too so do you  montion them to me please

A good site

Great tasks!
I like this site!

Mr AdamJK,
Please,could you tell me if ther is problem with the Amrican pronouciation if I follow it?
Cause I face some difficulty with the British pronouciation,so is there any problem with the ILETS?

You might be better asking questions about IELTS on the IELTS pages of the site, so other people who are taking the exam can see the answers.
The only aspects of your pronunciation that IELTS examiners are interested in is whether you speak clearly and expressively. So long as you do this, your accent isn't important.
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In the site how can I  contact with anyone?
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Hi Aredhel,
As I wrote to you on another page, we don't have that facility at the moment. The reason is that children use this site and it's our priority to protect them.
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