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Green is GREAT - Part 2

Richard is blown away by the cutting edge of green technology, and sees how London's Olympic Stadium wins gold in the green Games.

Task 1

Which of these things appear in the video?


Task 2

Select True, False, or Not given, based on the information in the video.


Task 3

Use the vocabulary given to complete the sentences.


Task 4

The last woman to speak on the video is American. She says "when you recycle and repurpose, then the waste doesn't become garbage". The word 'garbage' is American English - in British English we say 'rubbish'. Another example is 'movie' (American) and 'film' (British). Complete each sentence by writing the British English words which have the same meaning as the American English words (in brackets).





Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Must,

For questions like this please check in a dictionary. There are many online dictionaries which can provide definitions, examples and more, such as this one, for example.


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The LearnEnglish Team

how to down load this video? i don't know

Hello Quynh Le,

I'm afraid our videos are not available for download for legal reasons. All of our podcasts (for example, Elementary Podcasts, Big City Small World and many pages in the Magazine) have audio and PDF files that are available for free download.

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In my country renewable energy is not widely used and I think it is the same case in most of the developing world. Solar energy is the most commonly used of this resources but it is only limited to high social class because not everyone can afford it.
Actually I am trying to be green through using saving power bulbs, being an antismoking person, and biking.
Unfortunately in my country people least care about the environment especially in the war circumstances we are going through. You can see that by cars emissions, people throwing rubbish in the street and cutting the trees to use them as fuel.
There are some governmental activities to alarm people but they don`t go beyond (poster level).

In my country such things as renewable sources of energy are not very common but you can see that they have already been started to use all over the place although not in great numbers. One building company in my city even uses it to attract people who want to buy an apartment.
I guess that my home is already greener because I use energy saving bulbs, don’t smoke cigarettes and have a few plants in my one-roomed apartment. It’s definitely not a huge contribution, but still.
Unfortunately the majority of people living in my country cannot even throw a sweet wrapper or a cigarette end into a dustbin while walking along the street, let alone carrying about the environment. However the situation is improving.

Hello, The LearnEnglish Team!
I'm sorry, but I guess there're some typos in the following sentence where we should use 'than' instead of 'that' and upper case for 'revolution': 'The Quiet revolution new turbine can generate more energy that traditional turbines'. (Task 2; 3rd sentence)
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Hello Dima,

You're absolutely right! Thanks so much again for pointing out these errors so that we can fix them - you are making LearnEnglish a better place and we really appreciate your contribution.

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I have tested different browsers, loaded flash player but there is still a problem now I can watch the video but it's not going to download till the end. May be something went wrong with the page, because I tried to used different seperated PCs.

KIrk, hi, I did what you' said, downloaded Adobe Flash Player from your link, there restarted my laptop, now I have an error №9, and the notice video is not available, I am using google chrome.