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Green is GREAT - Part 2

Richard is blown away by the cutting edge of green technology, and sees how London's Olympic Stadium wins gold in the green Games.

Task 1

Which of these things appear in the video?


Task 2

Select True, False, or Not given, based on the information in the video.


Task 3

Use the vocabulary given to complete the sentences.


Task 4

The last woman to speak on the video is American. She says "when you recycle and repurpose, then the waste doesn't become garbage". The word 'garbage' is American English - in British English we say 'rubbish'. Another example is 'movie' (American) and 'film' (British). Complete each sentence by writing the British English words which have the same meaning as the American English words (in brackets).





Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


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I'm very sorry to hear that! I'm not very knowledgeable about these kinds of things, but as far as I can tell, Error 9s can occur when a programme hasn't been installed correctly or when there is a virus, so I'd recommend you check your computer. I really don't think this could be a result of installing the Flash player, as it comes from a very reputable source.

According to your 3 February message, it sounds as if you are able to see the videos now? It sounds like the video takes time to buffer before it begins to play.

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Hello, just wanted to tell that webpage sometimes is not working correctly, sometimes video is impossible to watch, is everybody facing the same problem?

Hello Newcomer777,

Have you tried installing the Adobe Flash Player on your device? Even when you already have it, installing the latest version often solves video problems. If that doesn't work for you, please try a different browser and let us know.

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In China there are some wind farms and hydropower plants. Solar energy plays an important role in providing power for some remote families. In cities not that many people use solar energy because people normally stay in high-rise buildings and the roof area is limited.

My family always save some used water from our washing machine, otherwise it will go straight into sewage. We use energy efficient light bulbs, and switch them off when we are not using them. When we buy new electric appliances, we choose the ones that use less energy.

Solar energy is clean and easy to get, but the cost of solar system is pretty high. Now the energy in our country mainly comes from water and coal. In schools, students are taught to go to school on foot or by bus, save water as much as possible in daily life and plant green trees when it is spring. I live on the sixth floor. I try to grow some plants on my roof, but the plants can't grow well for lack of enough earth.

The sources of our energy still comes from water, I believe the government is working on the solar energy project. By planting trees, flowers and vegetables at the backyard and recycling is the things we can contribute to make our home greener. Today, issues of Global Warming is arising and the campaign for waste management and planting trees are the things we need for a greener country.

Hi everyone, please feel free to comment on my sentence. I would deeply appreciate it.

Great idea sir
everyone must think like that .
Because in the coming days the conditions will be more worst if peoples didn't change there thinking for environment? + + + +

Hello, what is the meaning of what David Stubbs said: "Across the board, I think we've done a lot of different things which add up to a sustainable Games."? Thank you!!

Hello Aaron,

I'm assuming the part of the sentence you're not sure about is the idiom at the beginning: 'across the board'. The definition from the Cambridge Dictionaries Online is as follows:

happening or having an effect on people at every level and in every area:
The improvement has been across the board, with all divisions either increasing profits or reducing losses.
The initiative has across-the-board support.

In other words, the meaning here is that many different things have been done in all areas, not just in one or two, or in a narrow range.

i hope that clarifies it for you.

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Thank you I got it now :)