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Knowledge is GREAT - Part 1

Richard goes to one of the world's greatest universities: Oxford. He discovers some of its history and hears about its famous students.

Task 1

Which of these topics do we hear about?


Task 2

Use a word or number to complete the sentences.


Task 3

Put the two halves together to make phrases from the video.


Task 4

Use the verb in brackets, and decide on the best verb form for each of these sentences.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Now, I am living in Oxford for studying, and I also know some of the famous universities in the world such as of course University of Oxford, University of Cambridge or Harvard University. For the last question, I think university is the gate for everyone to open their eyes for the world and be able to get more opportunities to learn what we are interested with to further the career path in the future.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to such famous universities as Oxford, but I’d love to visit one of them one day because they usually have rich and interesting history. I’ve heard of such world-famous universities as University of Cambridge, Stanford university, Harvard University, Princeton University. I believe that universities are important because they give knowledge to the students. One of the most important functions of all the universities is to help students find and understand their vocation.

unfortunately, I have never been in Oxford, but I would want one or both of my children take a course or career in this prestigious University. Yes I heard about Cambridge and London School of Economist, Harvard, MIT, UCLA these last in USA. The universities are very important because all the research and innovation taking place here, and all the people graduated in these centers represent the development of the country.

Hello everyone..
☆ Have you ever been to Oxford?
- I've heard that the prestigious Oxford University has been learning students for hundreds of years and it's produced some of the greatest minds and successful people in the world. Unfortunately, I've never been to go there, but I'd love to go if I'd chance to visit London one day.
☆ Do you know of any other world famous university?
- Yes, I know some of the oldest university in the world such as Harvard and Yale University in the U.S, University of Bologna in Italy, Cambridge University and even I've ever read in a magazine about the oldest existing university was built in 859 in Marocco, Karueein University.
☆ Why do you think universities are important?
- to me, degree from university is a investment, regardless of wheather the economy is performing well or not, degree holders tend to find job better and easier, you know.

No. Unfortunately I have never been to Oxford, but one day I want to make a course there. I like to study business administration and I think that Oxford has a great MBA course. In Great Britain I think that Cambridge is a great university too.

I am certain that knowledge it's the most important thing we individually must develop in order to make things going better, whether as species or as individuals, and both in quality and in quantity. By knowing qualitatively makes us able to decide about a specific context, whereas to know quntitatively makes us able to choose more wisely about what is better to do in a specific situation.
In anyway, i think knowledge is a process of investigation which requires above all an enquiring and critical mind's acctitude: it's not just a process of gaining informations or notions using some memory's technique (for istance), but a process of costruction, to which we learn to know an object by ourselves's experience, and by the specific background that concerns us: the Kknowledge it's never one, but it's multiple with regard of our personal story! This is what i mean for having a critical and enquirig mind: to be creative.
Hence, in my opinion universities have the role of theaching how to be flexible and creative in developing the learning ability, without reducing the education in some kind of passive aquisition!

Yes, indeed!

Hi everyone

It is my only dream to be studying in one of the most eminent universities such as Oxford. I hope one day this luxury come true.

Hello everybody! I haven't been to Oxford yet, but I hope one day I will.
I also know some others: Cambridge, Harward, Yale. Studets studing there are really lucky dogs.
In my opinion, universities play a big role in helping person to become a personality, find his way, make a contribution to the world.

hi every body

i really like this site and i feel to improve my study of English