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Magic Gopher

Think of a number with two digits. For example 43. Follow the Magic Gopher's instructions and he will amaze you by telling you what number you chose.

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sorry, i don't understand.

Hello manju,

Have you read the Help page? Click or press on the small gopher that is holding a sign that says HELP. That will explain how to play the game. If you want to understand the trick, read through the comments below -- other users have discovered it and explained it there.

Or if you mean you can't see the game, then I'd suggest you try installing the Adobe Flash Player on your device.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team


why I cann't see all games?

Hello Sandi Soe,

Most of these games are made with a technology called Flash. You need to have the Adobe Flash player installed on your device or to use a web browser that supports Flash to be able to see the games. You can download the latest version of Flash here and if you search the internet for 'Flash-compatible browser' I expect you can find one that will work for you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

The magic dog is amazing!!!
How does he do it???!

donc a chaque fois on fait cette operation on trouve multiple de 9
et ce malin il s'amuse de mettre le meme symbole pour ces numeros

Wow...really amazing