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Spelling is terrifying! Can you spell quickly or will your fear be too much?

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Hello Mohalish!

No, it's not my idea - but I'm glad you like it. And, yes, the woman's scream makes me jump everytime I come to this page, too!

Thanks for your kind words, and it's great news that your skills are improving. Good luck with your English year!
Best wishes,
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Yeah. It's very interesting and fearsome.

I dont now how download this game

Hello mohammed!
I'm sorry, but this game currently isn't available for download. Sorry about that! Some of our games can be downloaded for mobile phones, though. Take a look at our apps and games page to find them.
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

I enjoyed this game.

hello.l'm Azerbaijan.It's e very fearsome

Its beautiful game.i like it.

hi everyone i m jawad ahmed frm pakistan my contact xxxxxxxxxxxx and email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I like this game

hi guys i am new in this web site is any one can tel me what is good for this web site

It's beautiful game.