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Spelling is terrifying! Can you spell quickly or will your fear be too much?

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What is the highest score if all the answers are correct..?? Anyone knows? 

  1. yes , i know

it's very interisting to practice english with fun, i enjoy to do it

yeah, you're right.

This game is fun to practice english. Now we can learn by playing, althought I was not very good at first :)

hi, very good program to play and learn ,  As you know I am from Bangladesh and I would like to learn the way in how fluently speaking as well as drafting... Being a concern person could you please advise us the most effective way to learn and make me expertise on above section...
Looking forward for your positive and prompt reply....

Hello che.zaman!

Welcome to LearnEnglish, and thanks for the kind words!

For fluency, the most important thing is to practice. You don't have to talk to a native speaker though – talk to your friends and colleagues, or go to a class. Even, if you can't do that, try recording yourself using your computer or an online recorder like Try to stick to easier topics when you practice fluency, too.
The second important thing is your attitude. Don't worry about mistakes, but focus on speaking. My students often ask me how to work on fluency, and I recommend that they make some classes or practice sessions about fluency, not accuracy. Instead of trying to get things perfect, they focus on trying to speak fluently. In other sessions, we go back to working on accuracy. Don't try to do everything (fluency, grammar, pronunciation) at once! 
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi I'm very happy to be one of student for British Council and i hope to speak English very well :)

Great  game i think you love y language and spent more time.

Hello every one
I am very happy to be one of your student british council