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Verb Machine

You can make any English tense or verb form by clicking four buttons. Don't believe us? Have a go!

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hey there, i'm the doom slayer here and my demons is really happy with this game. thank you British council ":


well done



Hello sir, I want ask that which sentence is correct: "God wrote in the holy book" or "God made someone to write in the holy book". According to Islam there is no definite shape of God but still you can find sentences like "God says" even God has no tongue as well.
My second question is that which sentence should I use and I am totally confused that which one is correct: "King killed farmer's wife" or "King ordered to kill farmer's wife". Here is a catch, kings used to order instead of going by themselves in order to kill someone. Please guide me.

Hello Muhammad Erad,

In terms of English grammar, 'God wrote the holy book' is correct. Someone might understand that it doesn't literally mean that, but if you want to be clearer, then I would suggest something like 'Allah commanded Muhammad to recite his Holy Word'. Your second sentence is almost grammatically correct -- instead of 'made someone to write' you should just say 'made someone write'. In this kind of construction, the verb after 'made' goes in the first form.

In answer to your second question, I would suggest using 'have' + object + third form with a causative meaning. For example, you could say 'The King had the palace decorated for the feast' or 'The King had the poem recited in court'. You can read more about this construction on this page.

I hope this helps you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello there,is the following sentence correct or not?
'I will send you some pictures which i took today morning and i strongly hope that you will find them to be interesting'

Hi Jaspreet,

Yes, though we say 'this morning' instead of 'today morning' and usually 'really' instead of 'strongly' before 'hope'.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

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