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How many points can you get in three minutes? Longer words score more points!

Click or tap the image below to start the game.


36! my first attempt in playing this fun game :)

34 after 2 day practice)))
That's not limit

28. Not bad...

First attempt 35!

i got 27

I got 22

oh gosh!!!
I scored only 11!! :(

Excuse me for spaming but maybe somewhere or somebody can to add other words which are missing in this cool game but exist in language? The "SUNDAY" is missing too.

Anyway the game is really great ! My avarage score is 30, max is more than 60. The one thing to cheat max result is using plural, in my opinion it's not correctly.

Hello Kumako,

We're glad you like the game and I'm sorry that it doesn't accept 'Sunday' or other words you know. I'm not sure why that could be, and I'm also not sure we'll be able to fix it at this point, but I will contact the developer.

Thanks again for your feedback.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

The word "April" is missing.