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How many points can you get in 3 minutes? Longer words score more points!


Year it is very interestingggggggggggg)))))))))))))

i got 48 score . these are my first score . i like very much this game .it is exciting for me ..

ds is the bestttttttttt

this game is addictive!!!


i likeittttttttttttt

23 points for the first time. Is it cool?

I got 108!!! :)))) Cool:)) Next time I will be better:)

Well, the score you get depends on the letters that the game gives you. My highest score is 116, but other times I get 20, 30, 60... Anyway its addictive: "This is the last time, then I go"

:)) I love it! :X Well... If I make 100 words in 3 minutes... ARGH!!! IMPOSIBLE! but...nothing say nothing ;)