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Episode 01

Welcome to Series 2! In this episode Tess and Ravi talk about birthdays, and their guests talk about knitting and favourite food. Do you remember Carolina from Series 1? She’s a student from Venezuela who’s studying in Newcastle and in this episode she goes shoe shopping. What type of shoes will she choose?

Elementary Podcasts: Tess & Ravi

Listen to the podcast then do the first exercise to check your understanding. If you have more time choose some of the language practice exercises.

Check your understanding


Language practice exercises

Task 1

Tess and Ravi 1

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:21].


Task 2

Tess and Ravi 2

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:21].

Tom’s tip for speaking about birthdays: In social terms, when a child becomes an adult, they stop wanting to have presents on their birthdays. This, of course, is not true. But it does mean that we have to pretend that we don't want presents, and when we give them, we have to make them look not very important.


Task 3

Carolina 1

Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [14:05].


Task 4

Carolina 2

Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [14:05].


Task 5

Tom the teacher 1

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [21:05].


Task 6

Tom the teacher 2

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [21:05].




Language level

Intermediate: B1


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I am from Alicante, Spain. It´s great to find a website with this quality. Thanks for podcast, grammar, vocabulary, etc. If we are patient and do your homeworks we´ll be able to improve our English in a few months. Thanks¡¡¡
Changing the subject. I´d like to talk about my favourite hobby.  A sport called paddle. Rules are similar than tennis, but it´s easier to play. Maybe I can define, like a mix between tennis and squash. It´s popular in Spain, Argentina, Brasil. I´m not sure, but I think there is a club in London.
The paddle-court is exactly a half of a tennis court and the rules are the same, only exception when you have to serve. You must hit the ball down your waist. In fact you use tennis-ball. Paddle-court  is closed , such as squash, and the racket is quite shorter without strings.
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Dear Jeremy and the Team of BC!
I'm Szabolcs from Debrecen, Hungary. I've tried a lot of course of English studying, but your homepage is the best.
Thank you so much  for the podcasts and other practices, I try to pass the English exam on the 6th of July.
I suggest you to my friends and all of them stand to my opinion, that your work for us is excellent.
P.S.: I lov Gordon's (and Ravi's) jokes, and the story of Carolina and friends.
God bless you, and thank for everything!

Hello Szabolcs!
I'm really happy to hear you find our website useful, and I hope we see some of your friends soon!
Good luck in your exam, and let us know how it goes!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

I love this page.
So I want to practice english, please contact with me <3

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Hi, I'm from Italy and I love this site and the way that they use to teach.
Thank you very much for your help!
Ciao... :)

Thanks for your compliment, Armitage77!
It's always nice to know people enjoy the website, and find it useful.
Good luck with your studies!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

I'm from Sofia, Bulgaria.
Thank you very much for this site. Learning English is so easy and lovely here. It makes me happy. Everything is so easy though difficult things.  I have never realized before that learning English might be so pleasantly.
If you don't mind me asking, I  think in section 6 exercises 1 and 2 are the same. Is that alright?
Thank you and best wishes!