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Episode 02

In this episode, Carolina returns. What happened with her and Jamie? What is new in Emily's life? Plus, Adam and Rob talk about the recipes you shared after last week's show.

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How do you say hello to your friends? Do you shake hands? Kiss? Hug? Bow? Perhaps you wai ​like people do in Thailand!

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1


hello everybody I m from Algeria, firstly I want say tahnk you very mutch for this programme I felle beter thant befor for my English listen skills.
For the subject of today, generaly I shake hands every morning with my collegs but I kiss when we did't meet eatch other a lot time ago, sometimes tow kiss sometimes four kiss it depends how do you like the other one or how relationship do you have with them.

When I see people I hug them and I play with them. I never kiss or resive kisses. I hate kisses.

Hello, everyone.
I'm from Italy.
In Italy we are very effusive... when we meet a friend o an acquaintance, we kiss them - a kiss on each cheek-.
When we meet an old friend we meet not so long, we embrace and we kiss them, then we start to ask them about theirs family, theirs job, theirs friends etc, etc...

when i see my old friends ..i love to hug them i feel like it's the best way you can show the other person that you really love him <3

Hello everybody.
I love their classes and am learning a lot with you. Well when meeting old friends a hug is all good. However people do not have much intimacy prefer a handshake.

Hello everyone. When I see a friend after many times, I usually shake his hand.

I think the best way to say hello to your friend is to give him a BIG hug =)
According to many researches when people hugs each other the hormone of happiness rises up.
As you see,there is a science explanation why people have to hug more often

I usually shake hands and hug them. If I haven’t seen them for a while, I also kiss them. It is traditional way to meet a friend in my country. However, some people may prefer only hands shaking or bowing.

Generally with friends, i don't hug, just shake hands for the boys and Two ore more kisses for the girls. Yes, sometimes more, but don't think bad things... It depend on the county were you live in France : in some parts, oftenly in south we use to do 4 kisses, in other parts 3 and most generally two.

you are so funny :D and by the way i didn't think about a bad things cause in my country we kiss each others almost 4 kisses too
ps: i'm from egypt :)