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Episode 05

Tess and Ravi talk about football and hooligans in the UK and how things have changed. Adam is on holiday so we only have Rob this week.

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Task 6

Tell us something about football. Which team do you support? Why? What do football fans do in your country? What happens at football matches?

If you don’t like football, tell us why not?

Send us your comments and we’ll talk about your answers in the next podcast.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


I do not like football in our country because they cannot play very well.

In my country there are many football teams and all of them has special fans, but we have two popular football team which has the most fans in the country and fan of these team always want to prove their team is the best, and mock the other team. But fans of one of these teams which is named "Perspolis" are really hooligen. they always fight and break everything when they lose .

My favorite team is the team of my country, Colombia, and when they play and they win, the fans go out on the streets to celebrate and to dance all together. It's for me beautifull, because you can see every street whith the Colombia flag and you can listening and dancing the colombian music that is very cheerfull and autoctone.

I do not like football, really. In my country almost all people are very fond of football. It is the most popular sport. When there is an important game (it is never for me, I am sorry), the whole country is paralyzed. I hate that. The emergency services do not even respond. Fans of the winning team make noise and trash for days, and it is impossible to talk about another topic.

I don't like football. But I have friends who are football fans. The whole family - husband, wife and tho sons (9 and 14 yaears old) - like football and watch all interesting matches.
Moreover, the boys train in the kids football team.
Fortunately, they are jast the football fans, not a hooligans )))

As many young people and olds I like football as my first preference sport. In my country football is the most popular game with a lot of fans. we have two senior football clubs, they are rivers. Every match between them requires a big number of security offices to avoid conflicts and fight among supports on both sides where one fan group call themselves hooligans. But generally at the football match people enjoy and relax despite the lack of modern infrastructures as pitches and stadiums

Hello teachers and all of you helping and encouraging us to learn English. You' re all a really irreplaceable team, with a lot of knowledge, neccessary patience
and, above all, gentle and communicative at this serious task.Thanks a lot...
From my childwood I've loved football and I've been fun of Olympiacos team. But,I

I like football. Every 4 years I always expect the World championship. In World cup 2018, my favorite team was France and I supported Mbappé who was my favorite player. In Vietnam, we also have some crazy football fans. They scream, angry or even throw the bottle in the pitch when their football team loses. With the tournaments in the area, when Vietnam team win, the people go to the street, sing and wave the flag to cheer and share together. I just watch the matches on TV and I hope someday I will go to the stadium to support my team.

Very interesting theme. I'm not a big football fan, but I have a friend, who really is. And he is a football hooligan. Such people has there own ideology, and sometimes it's difficult to understand them. That's why I don't speak about Russian football with him. But I like watching the World Championship, because there I can see a really good football. This year it took place in Russia. The organisation was on a very high level. The fans from all over the world visited several our cities, where matches were. And there was no any hassle, the fans were very friendly! My opinion is that no game is worth fighting between fans of opposite teams. It's just a game. And the strongest wins!)

I'm a big fan of football! in mexico football is the most popular sport. There are 4 great teams: Chivas, America, Pumas and Cruz Azul, but my favorite team are Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, they don't do it quite well but it is the team of my state so, I have to be with them. We live football with lot of passion like all the latin american people. I don't go to the matches often but I watch the games on TV when I can.