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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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Have you ever been in a band? What was the name of your band? What musical instrument do you play? What style of music do you play? Are you still playing? And, if not, why did you stop?

We love reading your comments and we reply to some of them each episode.


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Intermediate: B1


Another great topic! I’ve never played in a band, but I love music. To talk about the style of music I like most is perhaps as difficult for me as saying ‘what my favourite colour is … / what my favourite food is …’. It’s a good thing to have choices!
Perhaps the only style of music I don’t enjoy listening  much to is the very noisy kind. What I listen to often depends on how I feel and what I’m doing. Can’t imagine life without music. Thank you for good language task too.

Once I tried to play the guitar but was difficult for me to do it. I'm slowly and  it hurt my fingers. But I really would like to play the piano, it's my dream! I'm saving  some money to get one.  Thank you, this is a great way to be in touch with the language.

I have to say thank you very much. I have been listening series 1 about 5 month I think. I was reading transcript, then listening every single day.
And now, when I listen series 2 and series 3 I can understand almost all the words without texts, I haven't read them
Even more, I begin to understand other programmes like BBC podcasts. I hear words clearly even I don't know how they are translated into Russian.
It's unbelievable, it stimulate me to keep learning. Thank you to all: Rob, Adam, Tess, Ravi and all BC's command
P.S. My writing skills are not good yet :P But it was written from my heart, thanks

Thank you very much for this comment, Wolverine. It's good to know that you find our podcasts helpful.
LearnEnglish team

I love all kind of music if it is soothing. I love Illayaraja and Rehman filim music songs. In Indian movies song plays a vital role for the success of the movie. Most of the times I do not understand the lyrics meaning in the songs, at few times I hear song only for lyrics. Music with good lyrics will make me murmur the songs frequently.

Hi everyone. I've never played & learned musical instrument before, but I am a big fun of classical music. I could listen to this music all day long. I think music is good for our mind especially the classic one, its so relaxing & soothing. Generally I love slow music better than the hard bit one but all are the same, music is music and it gives you the feeling of calmess in your body.