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Episode 09

Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

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Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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hi every one I am from Iran. In my country tea is most popular drink between people. In north of  Iran people like drink hot tea , for this reason unfortunately  incidence of esophagus cancer in this area  is more than other place of Iran.I prefer drink tea with sugar but sometimes  I drink tea with milk especially in the morning.I drink coffee too but less than tea bye.

there lots of people drinnk tea in myanmar too. and my father drinks tea everday with a big cup. and u can see lots of people sitting in teashops in the morning and that's why there alot of teashop in myanmar. and there many kinds of tea here, like tea with alot of milk, or just plain tea without any milk or with just a little milk. ha ha but i don't like tea but it doesn't mean i dont' drink tea, i do drink it sometimes.

Hello everybody! I'm from México, here coffe is the most popular drink, we usually drink it in the morning with doughnuts or stuffs like that. That's not considered healthy at all though, We've got a lot of drinks here, maybe one of the most popular is "Chocolate". We also drink chocolate in the morning and in winter it is more popular than coffe . Chocolate is sweeter than coffe, and tradicionally it is specially prepared with a woody whisk. It tastes great, I prefer coffe though there is too much sugar in Chocolate. 

Hi. I'm from Brazil and here coffee is the most popular drink. The firsts seedlings of coffee were brought to Brazil in 1727 by Brazilians in contact with the Frenchs when they tried to colonize the New World, and even today it is grown here, including for export.
In the twentieth century new techniques were developed for the extraction of coffee, like coffee, decaffeinated coffee, freeze dried coffee and espresso. The most popular is called "cafezinho", or little coffee in English.
We don't drink so much tea here, but I like it. We drink mate, that we call mate tea, and it is drank without milk. 

Hello to everyone, I live in Italy, I can tell all you that in my country  tea  is popular but not as much popular as in Britain. Here people usually drink coffee. When I was young I used to drink it very often, now I rarely drink tea. I drink limon tea when I m sick.  I used to drink tea with a little bit of milk, it was delicious. Here people drink 3 coffee a day at least. Coffee is not as long as american coffee. It's very short. I tell all you that I had the opportunity to travell all over the world, I noticed that people drank coffee very slowly, in Italy we drink it very quickly, another popular think that in Italy people love  drinking  is cappuccino. They are both very delicious. I raccomend all you try them
Thank you   massimo

yeah i see, Brzail has the great coffee in the world. it's popular, in myanmar too.

Hi! I think every people minimum once a day enjoy tea or coffee. In Armenian more people like tea. Maked with traditional metod. Usually I use Indian teapacket Ahmad or Dilmah. I prefered Ahmad Earle Grey. That is advanced for me - quickly and tasty. But if I want spetial tea I pour water with mountain flowers - spetial flowers (for example flowers like that mentol),  in the teapot and boiled 5 minutes. After that I wait 10 minutes and enjoy that! Every one can do it. Its tasty, healthy. 

i love tea with too much sugar ..sometimes i drink it with milk ..

hi everyone,
i don't really like coffe or tea to much but in albania coffe and tea are both drunk,even though coffe is more popular than my country we don't drink tea with milk but sometimes we do put milk in the coffe.

In Rissia people drink tea and coffee, but I prefer tea to coffee. Most people in Russia drink tea without milk and I don't drink it either. Although I like to drink tea more than coffee I drink the last one in the morning.  We don't drink coffee before falling asleep. Older people drink hot tea with a saucer.