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Episode 09

Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

Tess & Ravi

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Leave a comment below!

Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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Intermediate: B1


Hi every body , I'm a new member in this great mommuiniy hoping I can share useful information with my friends here

i love drink a cup of tea in the morning , i hate coffee much 

My name is Miro I am from Bulgaria. The elementary podcasts help me to improve my Engish. In my country we prefer more coffee than tea. We never put milk in the tea. We thing that it isn't  tasty. We put milk in our cups of coffee. I drink two cup of coffee and a cup of tea a day without sugar. I like herbal tea.

Hi, Everyone!
I am Mrigendra, from India. In my country tea is more popular than coffee.  In rural area and common people usually drink tea. I like tea and coffee both. Especially in northern part of India, tea is made with same ratio of water and milk with sugar, the quantity of sugar is  depend on person and it  boiled for long time. This tea is tasty but not good for health and drinking more tea is caused for constipation. I like drink tea once in a day often in the evening. But most of the people drink tea in the morning and evening. Now drinking tea is a custom. Suppose, if you visit more than one houses of relatives and friends, they serve a cup of tea for you and it is very difficult to deny them due to custom. Anyway drinking tea and coffee is good but I think, we should not habituate of it.

hello iam new to this site. i like to drink green tea at every morning.

iam new here, i like to drink green tea every morning.

I like to drink tea without milk and sugar at morning. In my country people usually drink coffee. Rarely venezuelan people drink tea.

talking about tea and coffee here in Tunisia we drink them both but tee is usually served in official events like mariage ceremony... otherwise I drink a cup of coffee almost every day. 

hello everybody
our favorite drink in libya here is tea with mint ,the majority of families usually drink it with the breakfast and after lunch

hi i like drinking tea only in afternoons otherwise coffee is my favour