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Episode 09

Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

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Leave a comment below!

Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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hi ,everyone
im tammy from UAE this is my frist comment ihope its quite good , i think they love to drink coffee here more then tea. but what  is drink more is the tea with dirner and breakfast and i prefer tea more then coffee in fact i hate the smell of the coffee. in ramadan we should drink coffee before we eat anything.  

where I live tea is drunk especially in the morning for break-fast, but I have to admit that there are not many people drinking it. Here we are used to drinking coffee in particular, it's a very traditional drink in Italy and I consider it an excellent one. I'm used to drinking about 5/6 cups of coffe a day, all year round, I know it's too much and it's not very healty but I'm a bit addicted to it :) and I just can't helping me to drink it. After all it helps you to concentrate, to be awake, and no matters if sometimes you are a little nervous or freak...

Hi everyone,
I do not too much tea, but many peoples around me drink lots of tea in the whole day,about 4 to 5 cups in a day,it gives them relief from professional as well as personal tensions.

Hi, I am from Hong Kong. I drink tea without milk after breakfast and lunch everday. I use a tea bag to make a cup of tea. I like jasmine tea, it makes me fresh.

Yes, I drink both tea and coffee. In winter, I prefer more coffee than tea. In india, we make tea with same as in Britain (with milk and sugar).
Apart from tea, Indian people like to drink Lassi (a drink made by blending curd and adding sugar to it) and in summer, they mostly drink shakes and juices. 

Hi everyone, I like both tea and coffee but I cannot take them often because it's too excite to my stomach, what a pity really!
Have a nice day!

Hello . everyone.I am sun.I am from China.I drink tea every morning.because it can make me entergetic.

I like to drink tea with milk and eat cakes with it  but not much...  but  my favorite drinks are coffee with milk or Cappuccino.. it makes me awake in work as I work from 5 AM till 6 PM

In my country, most of people prefer to drink coffee than tea (in my opinion), we drink coffee in variety: coffee with sugar; coffee, sugar and milk (sweetened condensed milk); both of them and added ice. But my favourite is coffee with milk and ice just once a day.
Nice to meet you.

hello every one
I'm Abdullahi and I'm from Somali, in somalia most of our peaple prefer tea than coffee. and  I drink tea with milk  for three times  a day, but working farmers and peaple who are living rural area drink 10 cups of tea a day