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Episode 09

Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

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Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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Intermediate: B1


Hello, everyone ! I am from Brazil, usually I drink coffee everyday, but in the night always I drink cup of tea. In Brazil, coffee is more popular than tea. 
Bye bye !

People in our country usually drink tea..And tea is more popular than coffe.There are many tea houses in our country.we usually drink tea with candy or sugar.we never drink tea with milk.I like tea and everyday drink 5-6 cups.
Thank you for podcasts.

Hi my fivarot drink it is tea >in my country people drink tea every day>
i drink tea with suger i put two spoon of suger

Hi guys,
In our country most people drink more tea than coffee.Tea in our country has a long history. It is also a kind of esoteric knowledge.                                                               I almost drink tea everyday especially at ningt! I think tea is good thing.

 My husband drinks coffee. He does it without milk but with sugar. I usually drink coffee in the morning and then I drink tea. I drink both with milk. I don't drink coffee or tea very much. Some people in our country like to drink coffee but more people I suppose drink tea.

Hi everyone, I am franklin and I am from COLOMBIA the counry of the coffe. a lot of people around the world know that the best coffe is produced  in colombia, and it is very recognized for your flavor and flagrance. In many cities in the world has stores of coffe from colombia, the name of it is JUAN VALDEZcafe de colombia.

people in my country usually drink a tea for breakfast . It´s not usual to put a milk into the tea in Czech country. We use a lemon and a honey. I like it when I´m ill and I use it also when my children are too. I also like herbal tea because of its aroma and taste.

Hello, Czech Republic is my second country. I drink tea with lemon and honey almost every day and I like it very much. I believe that it´s healthy too. In Tunisia, it´s not common to drink tea with honey and it may even sound strange for some people.
When they have guests, they often drink tea but the traditional one: a mint tea that is very tasty. 

I'm from Argentina. Everyone drinks Mate here. It is not only a drink, it's a social practice and part of our culture. People drinks it alone or with their family and friends.
You can find groups of friends drinking Mate everywhere. My English teacher drinks Mate in our classes.
I don't like drinking mate. People usually thinks I'm odd when I confess them I don't like it.

Hi guys,
I agree with Rob: I live in Sicily and here the coffee is really fantastic! But I also love drinking a nice cup of English tea when I go in England and I don't miss the Italian coffee at all. The British tea time is a unique ritual in the world. I don't understand my Italian friends when they suffer every day the lack of Italian coffee and they lose the pleasure of English tea. They don't know what they lose: the English tea is the best I’ve ever had!