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Episode 09

Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

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Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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Intermediate: B1


people in my country usually drink a tea for breakfast . It´s not usual to put a milk into the tea in Czech country. We use a lemon and a honey. I like it when I´m ill and I use it also when my children are too. I also like herbal tea because of its aroma and taste.

Hello, Czech Republic is my second country. I drink tea with lemon and honey almost every day and I like it very much. I believe that it´s healthy too. In Tunisia, it´s not common to drink tea with honey and it may even sound strange for some people.
When they have guests, they often drink tea but the traditional one: a mint tea that is very tasty. 

I'm from Argentina. Everyone drinks Mate here. It is not only a drink, it's a social practice and part of our culture. People drinks it alone or with their family and friends.
You can find groups of friends drinking Mate everywhere. My English teacher drinks Mate in our classes.
I don't like drinking mate. People usually thinks I'm odd when I confess them I don't like it.

Hi guys,
I agree with Rob: I live in Sicily and here the coffee is really fantastic! But I also love drinking a nice cup of English tea when I go in England and I don't miss the Italian coffee at all. The British tea time is a unique ritual in the world. I don't understand my Italian friends when they suffer every day the lack of Italian coffee and they lose the pleasure of English tea. They don't know what they lose: the English tea is the best I’ve ever had!

 I like tea but I don't drink it alot ,I drink it just in the morning .In my country people usually drink tea without milk  and also tea is more popular than coffie . Old people like tea so much that in half houre they can drink ten cups of tea .This pace that I talked about is Kurdistan."Pyala w Zher Pyala" means teacup in kurish 

Hi there, good day for everyone.
A very nice & interesting topic 'Tea'. I bet most of the elementary podcasts listeners are big fans of tea and so do I, am I right guys. I love my cuppa with milk without sugar, but not too milky though(no sugar for green tea & Chinese tea for sure). Love it best during Winter because I do love hot tea instead of cold one, and its not very great having hot drink during Summer. Back home in my country in Indonesia, tea is very pupolar among adult, we drink lots of tea too just likr British people do, severals cups; in the morning, during the day,and in the evening. We served tea to our guest normally, but it depend on person preference.
I absolutely agreed with Tess & Ravi that British people drink lots of tea because I knew some of my English buddy who drink 3-4 cups of tea daily or even more I think because she uses pint to drink her tea instead of cup which normally we do. Thats really amazing!!!!
Have a great day.

In my opinion in my country people drink more coffe than tea.
Coffe is very popular among students, because they usually don't sleep as long as they should. For example at my campus we've got machines selling coffe in every building.
For some years people drink also Yerba Mate. This is product similar to tea, but it's produced in South America and it has diffrent taste.

it's nice, talking about the tea... I think I'm typically britisih. I drink a lot of tea everyday. I don't know why, I love drink tea. Every morning before I get to campus, I drink tea and after I get back from campus in the afternoon I also drink it. I drink it in the evening instead. But I don't put much of sugar in my tea. I don't like too much sweet and I don't put milk either. I think it's quite nice drink a pure tea. 

Hello there, the podcast was a nice one. I didn't know that people in Britain had so much liking towards the taste of tea.
I couldn't do the exercises because it always said that there was an error - not even one exercise.
Talking about Nepal, that's where I come from, tea is probably, the most famous drink. People usually have a cup of tea as the first thing in the morning besides other items for breakfast, and then in the afternoon. It is generally the first thing that people serve to their guests. Tea is served with or without milk; that mostly depends upon one's personal liking.  
Most of the people in Nepal are used to drinking milk tea which is made by mixing milk, sugar, fermented tea leaf granules and some spices. The spices mostly include ginger, black pepper and cardamom. These spices are added just before boiling the mixture in order to add more flavor. However, people living in the Himalayan region mostly take salty tea - tea made with milk and butter.
Talking about myself, I am sort of "addicted" to drinking tea. Even if I miss a single cup in the afternoon, I start to have a head ache. It's time I do something to chane this habit.

Hello Shuvanjan,
I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the podcast. I've tried tea in Nepali restaurants and it was very sweet, but quite tasty.
Can you give me some more details about the problem you are having with the exercises?

  • Does it happen on other LearnEnglish pages or just this one?
  • What web browser are you using?
  • Are you in Nepal at the moment?

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team