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Episode 09

Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

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Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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Intermediate: B1


I never take tea or coffee. When i take them they make my heart beating a lot.

Hello! For me I prefer tea to coffee.In the evening,I like to drink tea with mint , putting 3 leaves of mint on it makes it really tasty. I also like to drink tea with milk . It's my favourite drink in the morning with a cheese and tomatoes sandwich.I like Arabian coffee . I always drink it when visit KSA. I like their coffee so much ,it's good with some dates or Saudi sweets. I know that they drink Arabian coffee too much. They may have 6 to 10 cups a day. But it is good not like the ordinary coffee which is bad for you when you drink it a lot. Egypt , my country, Is famous of drinking tea in the evening .. There are lots of cafe everywhere where you can sit and have a nice cup of tea with cheap price .It's called ( a tea in the fifty ) I don't know the origin of that name but it means a nice cup of tea . Also interesting thing in Egypt they tend to serve tea in a quite tall glass cup not the ordinary cup which may be shorter and wider .

Hi English language Team
what is the difference between the exercise 6 and 7 in series 3 episode 9 and question tags.I know that in question tag  if the sentence is negative the question will be positive and verse versa.

Hello hayaalqasem,

These are reply questions, which are not used to ask a question but instead to show that we are paying attention to the other speaker, and sometimes to indicate we'd like to know more.

Normally if the speaker makes an affirmative statement, the reply question is affirmative (e.g. "It's 6." - "Is it? Time to go!"); if the statement is negative, the reply question is also negative (e.g. "I didn't pass" - "Didn't you? Bad luck.").

It is possible, however, for the reply question to be negative when the statement was affirmative (e.g. "It was a lovely party." - "Wasn't it? I really enjoyed it.") - this expresses emphatic agreement with the statement.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks from Libya.

Hello everybody
I'm Mehdi From Iran The Land of Biggest King such as Kourosh
First thanks a lot for Your comment and specially THANKS for British Council because of this powerful site.
I try to learn English SASP because I decided to immigrate to Australia and because that I have to catch IELTS 7 in all 4 band,
I know It's difficult but I try to do it.
I hope all the best for all of member's of this site
Best regards

Hi mehdi3173,

Thanks for your kind feedback and good wishes!

In addition to working through the Elementary Podcasts, I just wanted to recommend that you take a look at the IELTS section of LearnEnglish as well, in case you hadn't already seen it:

Good luck in your studies!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi friends,
I'm Dasitha from Sri Lanka. I like to dink tea with milk. Many of Sri Lankans get used to have a cup of tea. In fact, I'm thoroughly refuse that British people like to drink tea. Instead of that they drink Alkohol. they invade our country and make our people drink alkohol.

I drink tea a time a month, and coffee two times a month. I like put milk and coffee. In Mexico we drink tea as medicinal drink, we mix very species of tea and we use it like medicine. The plants of tea are grow in the houses.

I don't drink tea but sometimes i like to drink coffee