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Episode 12

Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Hello everyone, 
I'm a new member of British Council. I hope that I can improve my capacity to speaking and understanding.

It's very nice, also useful! :)

hiii friends Im new studnet here and I want to improve my level of english more and more because I like this language so much

Hi all,
Happy New Year!
I'm Sylvia from Romania and I really appreciate this site .With this podcast  I  started to understand increasingly better english language. 
Thanks British Council, thanks Tom, Adam, thanks at all for your good job.
Best wish!

Hi every one and im new member in this site and its so wonderfull and I like english to much so I want to improve my english  

I am a new comer. I mean I have just joined your marvelous Learn English site. I admire it too much. I think it's very beneficial for me. Thank you for accepting me.  

hello how are u ? :)

This website is fantastic !!!

hello everybody. my english is not very well. I think this site can help me to improve my language.

hello everyone!
I'm from Azerbaijan.I have to learn English because it's always barrier in front of me.Beforehand thanks everyone