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Episode 12

Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi,I'd like to tell u that I can listen British council prog.from my mobile phone device.

hi Adam , please i would like to ask you a question 
about the word ( though ) you always use this word at the end of the sentence what dose it mean ? and how can i use it in my conversation ?
thank u 

What to do ?I'm not able send messages

Hi Rob, Adam and every body!
I'm back after a long time because of work. I have downloaded every podcast and listened by my mobile phone. But now I can listen to your podcast online by my computer.
About cinemas and movies. I really like watching films, especially comedy films - even cartoon film - and action films at the cinema. When I was student, I went to the cinema once a week. Because at that time, I had a lot of free time and I had student card, so the ticket was cheaper and I enjoyed with my friends. I would never forget the film "King kong" , because it was really fantastic and after this film one of my classmate became my girl-friend (Now, she is my wife). In addition, I watched almost action-comedy films of Jacky Chan. He is a really good actor with his kung-fu and humorous character. But now I am busy with my work and my family, so my wife and I try to go to the cinema once a month. My wife's film style is same with me so we find it easy to share the film. There are three big cinemas in my city, one of them has the international standards and so we always go there even the cost is quite expensive.
By the way, I'm looking forward to your new episode of "Word on the street", Rob. Good luck to you and your team.

hi everyone,
I am new here and I want to improve my english.

I've been listening the Elementary Podcast for a couple of moths, but this is my first comment. Thank you very much British Council for help me to improve my English.
The Brazilian movies which became internationally famous, are the worst ones, in my opinion. For example "Tropa de Elite" and "Cidade de Deus" are aggressive,  appellatives and stereotyped. I recommend this films : "Olga", if you like drama films.
The best film I've ever watch is "A Hard day's Night", the first Beatles's film. I am a really big fan of The Beatles.

hello everyone
i am very happy  to be one of your family ,
for me i like Hollywood films very much and i like to go to the cinema , when i was in Jordan  last year i saw the film ( the saw ) 3 dimensions and it was absolutely amazing , i like horror , romantic , action and even animation films but i don't like scientific fiction 

 really your English speaking  is fluently  i hope that to be like u in speaking , what this word you mentioned  here mean ( animation ) thanks am weeting for your replay

hi mohmoud how are you ?  thank you for your compliment ,for the word ( animation ) means the cartoon films especially those make by computer 

Hi I registered a new I want to tell the language fluently
   ? Who will help me