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Episode 12

Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?


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Intermediate: B1


Hello ,
For me i really enjoy watching documentary films or films which talking about historical figures becouse i think that this kind of movies increases our knowledge and experience in life ...
i advise all members and you (Rob and Adam ) to watch a documentary film called The Opus which talking about Vivaldi and here is the link
Best Regards .

Hello there,
For me I don't like the the movies so much generally,but I watched the films that I have already watched because I think recent films have not good quality
Best regards

Hi. I love going to the cinema. I like watching different kinds of films. I like science fiction, drama, action and animation too.
From my country, Brazil, there are a good amount of comedy, but I don't like it so much. One film that I recommend from my country is called, in Portuguese, "Tropa de Elite" and "Tropa de Elite II" , that would be "Elite Squad" in English. It portrays the reality in Brazil, were, unfortunately there is a large drug trafficking. T

Hi ! I am not interested in cinema but I love to watch a romantic movies . Here in my country there are good movies like afrecano film for Ahmed El Sakaa.

I am Wywy and i enjoy going to the cinema .I went to the cinema just for one time with my sister .For me i really love science fiction and documentary films
i love also films that tell about past wars like  troy and  kingdom of heaven i have just watched this film  . I am not very keen on comedies except for comedy films of my country Egypt because Egyptians have an amazing sense of humor    

Hi there,
Glad to be back here again. Merry X'mas for everyone who celebrate it. I'd always enjoyed & loved watching movie. Normally, I'll watch it at home because it's more convenience & most importantly free, but for some special occasion; like a b-day treat for a friend I would definitely go to the cinema to watch it.
Personally, I'm preferred action/horror/animation or drama movie, but if I watch it with other friend I wouldn't mind watching other kind of genre movie.
The most popular movie in my country is horror movie. I think every TV channel in my country have a horror movie program on a weekly basis or even daily basis perhaps, and I'm pretty sure that there are many kind of horror movies in the cinema in my country. We've so many kind of stuff that I believe we could include it into horror movie; for example film about Kuntilanak, Pocong, Genderuwo, Tuyul, Sundel Bolong, Wewe Gombel, Leak, Rangda, Kuyang and Palasik.
I would recommend "Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops)". It's not a horror movie, which I'm talking about earlier but a 2008 Indonesian film about a group of 10 schoolboys and their two inspirationals teacher who struggle with poverty and lay their hopes in the Bellitoeng village, in tin mining in the east cost of Sumatra. This film is adapted from the novel with the same title, and base from the experience of the author. This film is the highest grossing in Indonesian box office history, and won a number of local and international awards. Watch it, I bet you all will love it. This film is one of the best 10 films in Indonesia, and I'm quiet certain they've an English version or sub-title for this film.
Best regards,
Umi Zahrok

hello every body
can you help me to understand how I use this podcasts? 

hey team
I am very happy to joining the British council .

hi avery body in her i have problem in grammar how to use in speak sometime overcome to me please halpe me thank x

hi every one
for me i like historical films especially algerian historical films as the battle of algiers or out law
very nice films to watch