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Episode 12

Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?


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Intermediate: B1


p.s.  I'm a Chinese girl.

Hey,  I really do love English! After staying in the UK for two months on business. I find I love it much better now. And I don't the British food is terrible, I love fish and chips, British breakfast, black tea with milk... I really hope that I can enjoy all of these in my country. Or I can go there again soon.
As for films, u may can't believe that I like watching thrillers. As girls seldom like watching thrillers. Of course, I also like watching action movies ,  some  interesting documentaries and animations. 
I hope that some day I can speak English like a local person. I mean my accent!
Thanks for ur help!

Hi Susanmarong,
I'm quiet certain you would make your ambition of speaking like a native speakers come true sooner or later.
It takes sometimes for mastering a language, especially the accent. I am an Indonesian working in HK. I started speaking English on a daily basis about 8.5yrs ago. At that time my knowledge of English language was so limitless and I've to carry pocket dictionary w/me all the time like everybody else who started learning a new foreign language.
My first encounter with English as a second language was when I'd to work abroad for the first time in my life, and I must speak good English to be able to secure that job, even though it wasn't great job. My first job was in Singapore for only about two years, and I must admit that by associating with a certain community, who has a certain dialect/accent in some period of time would eventually lead us to mimic their accent.
Soon after, I finished my two yrs contract in Singapore, I decided to work in HK. Surprisingly enough, I'd master Singlish (it's the term of Singaporean accent English) without me realising it until some of my new friends mistaken me as Singaporean instead as Indonesian, which I've mention to them sometimes before that I'm from Indonesia. Oh well yes, I'll never blame them for unintentionally teasing me as "Miss Singapore" just because I speak Singlish.
After working in HK for about 6.5 yrs, and associated with so many people with different background & fortunately some of them are native speakers, now I realized that I'm getting there.
What I mean by getting there is that now I can speak English quiet naturally, like a native speakers somewhere between American & British English if you don't mind me decribing myself that way, but I suppose my accent a bit more American, even though I associated with more British people than American one because some of my friends keep complaining about my American pronunciation of words.
Besides speaking to a native speakers, you could try to listen to TV News program or radio or podcast who has a native speakers presenter, watching foreign movies also good for mimicking a certain English accent. Well, I must say it all sounds peculiar, but trust me if you want to speak like one of them, you've to make an effort to achieve that goals.
In conclusion, if you wish that someday you could speak like a native speakers, mind you if I'm going to say "act now" because its really hard work for us to achieve that goals since we've our own mother tounge.
The best of luck for your life and career.
Best regards,
Umi Zahrok

As I grew up in a small town, where we haven't any cinema, I can't say I love cinema and movies. Although living in São Paulo, where there's a great culture of cinema, it isn't my thing... really. I prefer to watch movies home, on film channels; I don't know about you, but for me it isn't good to be for hours inside a black room, warm, with a very high sound... it isn't a good experience for me. I do prefer my comfortable sofa.

Hello team of learnenglish
I am a Greek man 44 years old,I do love English,I do love learning English,improving my level by taking slow steps.
I registered on Learnenglish in British council and it's amazing,I really really enjoy studying with u,I really like watching videos or making other activities like Grammar,or listening the real British accent I love day by day improving in that way my poor English.
I absolutely like Words on the street,I do like the way the teacher explain us how everyday English works for native English people around U.K,it's lovely guys you managed to do very good job.
The only thing I wanted to say sending this message is to wish u all of u Merry Christmas and happy New Year,to express my warm feelings to you for continuing that lovely effort you do Bcz it's amazing,and to tell Congratulation for your job.
Believe me there are people around the world that find that job you managed to do absolutely right and the want you to continue doing your work.
I am very happy Bcz without money I can improve my English level following your advise and watching your program guys,THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED.
Please before I close my message I would like to ask you how can I keep my level ?Bcz I don't live in U.K and it's completely difficult if you don't live close to English people to speak and to listen them keeping your level at the same time.
This message is a chance to keep in touch with you guys and I know that if I got any question I can ask you any time.Its the first time I write to u and I am very pleased and happy for your job PLEASE CONTINUE IN THAT WAY ,THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN
Merry Christmass and Happy NewYear to everyone !!!

Hello Constantinos,
Thank you for your lovely message. It's really good to hear how you have been helped by LearnEnglish.
As far as keeping your level goes, I think you are doing the right thing already by spending time on the site. Is the problem that you are running out of materials here?
Merry Christmas to you too!
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello British council.
I have an exam in English on Tuesday. I'm a bit nervous because my vocabulary isn't that good. 
I listen to your broadcast, which I think is very good and fun to hear :) But do you have any other advice how to get better at speaking English?
Thank you.
Jeanne :)

thank you British council, to help us for learn and to speak English.

I really like to listen the English conversation.  I want to learn English to communicate with another people a wide world.

Hey Team,
I am quite ok with listening English, but when I have to communicate I always find it difficult because English is my second language , I just go blank when i speak.
Please give me some suggestion to overcome my problem.
Thanks in advance