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Episode 12

Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?


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Intermediate: B1


These exercises are very good, thanks!!!

I like going to the cinema but because I m quite busy i always watch movies on DVDs or on The T.V.I like drama , documentary,comedy and horror movies. Life of pie and First Knight are two of my favourite films. I also like to watch Arabic old films as it is said ( old is gold) . I watch the new films too but they are not as good as the old ones.

I enjoy going to the cinema. There is one in my city which showed different kinds of films such as action, dramatic, romantic, documentary, science fiction,comedy,movies,horror and thrills. I prefer Romantic Films such as “Titanic” which was so fantastic, interesting and had sadness end. I would like also watching scientific fiction film the last that I watched is “Gravity”. It’s exciting, fantastic, and motivating film talking about space and two astronauts were flying in the space.

I would prefer watching films in the cinema, but last two years I seldom went to the cinema because I've got a new baby and I look after him.I like romantic films.Before nine months my husband invited us to watch "  les Miserables" movie.At first It was boring because we didn't watch this sort of musical film before  then  we found that the story of the film was so attractive and we really enjoyed  it.

Hallo everyone,
I rarley go to the cinema, perhaps twice or thrice in the year. Then I go on thuesday, because the entrance is only 7 Euro. But when i go,I go with my wife and we afford Popcorn and a drink and enjoy a nice evening.I prefere historic movies and .
On the next friday, I'm going in an open air cinema in Bad Kreuznach, There is going to play the original movie Bonny and Clyde from 1967. You are sitting outside and you get dishes and drinks.
Best regards
Bernd from Germany

I like going to the cinema but i don't do that very often...last time I was there about a half of year ago. I like horrors very much, but other kind of films too! Even romantic comedies;). I heard about some very good polish films but you can not see them in all of country and in every cinema. Those which are made for publicity are very poor and I would not recommend them.

hi everybody! 
I rarely go to cinema, but i like all kinds of film. Action film is the best choices of mine when i go to cinema because it's very attactive, esspecially english films.

hi all
talking about film , honestly I really  like all kind of the film exclude the horror film, but from al kind of film I tend like spy film, and of  my favorite is Born identity.  

Hello all
I agree with him that you will not find the British food the outside country , including in Indonesia i never  hearth or find it. talking the British food  i really try the chips & fish food , i have ever hearth that the food is one of the favorite food so i want try it.someday if i go to the British i will hunting the special food .

Hi, everyone!
I rare go to the cinema, because i don't like all kinds of films. I enjoy when I go to cinema with my friends. We often watch Bulgarian films. They are funny a bit strange and they always satirize Bulgarian mentality. We laught noisy and loudly, other people too :))
I also rare watch films at home. I don't like films with subtitle because I fall asleep :)
I know that I must watch English films and improve my listening skills.
I like animation, historical films, documentary, popular science and so on. I want to know everything :))