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Episode 15

Tess and Ravi discuss the most famous city in the UK - I think you know what it is! Rob and Adam read your comments about social networking.

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Have you been to London? Did you like it? What do you know - or think - about London?


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Intermediate: B1


I haven't been to Britain before. Also, I don't have many information about sightseeings that london has but the most thing I know it about it the Big Ben clock. I think London is very crowding city because it is the center of Britain so I think it has many big shopping centers and fantastic places to go there .

I’ve been to London twice and I liked it! In Japan we learn American English but in London they speak British English so I couldn’t understand some words.

Hi everyone
I've never been to England and I am looking forward to it.
but the most common thing I know about London is Big Bin

Dear Team,
is there maybe a little confusion with the statement, in Task 1/a:''Big Ben is a big clock in London'', according to the follow sentences from the text,which all of them could be taken as partly true?
''Big Ben is the name given to the really big clock tower...''
'' Actually, Big Ben is really the name of the bell that rings every hour...''
'' ...but everyone says Big Ben for the clock and the tower as well...''
What could we consider as the ''stronger'' true thing?The one with the terms''...Actually.....really...''or the other with''but everyone says...''
I am simply wondering.
Thanks in advance,

Hello Nikoslado

I've changed the wording of that first statement in Task 1 to make it more clear.

Thanks again for pointing these things out to us!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone!I've never been there,not yet,But I watch The Premier League here from Brazil.I wish one day I will be able to watch a match in some of the Britain's stadiums.

I have never been in London, but I desire to go to there. I think that London is an elegant, clean, and beautiful pleace, in the other hand, I think you need a lot of money to go there because in england the transport, food and lodgigin are so expensive.

I’ve never been to London but I wish I could. When I used to study at school while English lessons I read about British culture, its authentic places to visit, food and people. What I think at once about when I think about Britain is Big Ben, British Channel, Buckingham Palace, telephone cab, red colour, double-decker and oatmeal for breakfast. For me London is a great city with its own rich history as well as the whole country, a very powerful colonial empire in the past. I can’t but mention Francis Drake, one of my favourite historical character who I read a lot about and saw many documentaries on TV like BBC and Discovery.

Hello British Council team,
I've been to London six days this summer. I stayed in Southbank 25 minutes walk to the centre. London is an amazing city and people are so nice and helpful. It's difficult to choose what I liked the most because I liked everything: the House of Parliement, the walk alongside the Thames to the Southbank, the Tate gallery, the National gallery, the multicultural Camden, Borough market and the beautiful view of the city you can see from Hampstead hill. I like the old fashion buildings near the modern ones. I came back home with the purpose to improve my English an "elementary podcast" and "word on the street" help me a lot! Thank you really much British Council! I'm looking forward to visiting London another time!
Ps. sorry for mistakes

I've never been in London and don't have much information about it, I just watched some british movies and have some imagination of London. When I talk about London I remember old movie "Oliver Twist" I'm not sure it is really happened in London or other cities of England but for me London is a symbol of England.
I also remember a movie that I really liked and I have watched it several times when I was a teenager, It is "My Fair Lady" , I was totally affected by the movie the first time I watched that and I loved Audrey Hepburn , she was really charming and she was a good actor.
the other thing that I hear in the news is about royal family of England, I often hear or watch new about Queen Elizebeth , prince Harry and Meghan, prince William and Kate, and I read something about princess Diana. this is the all the things I know about London and England.