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Episode 16

Adam is impressed by how much you know about London. In Newcastle, Carolina meets a horrible customer in the shop and that's just the start of a very bad day.

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If you don’t live at home or you lived away from home in the past, do you (or did you) ever feel homesick? If so, what do you do to make yourself feel better? Even if you’ve never felt homesick, what advice would you give to Carolina to make herself feel better?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi FloDieci:
Traveling makes me  feel better as well. On the other hand , thanks to the internet , contacting with the others form different cultures gives me new experience and stepping forward with my everyday-learning.
admin will you please edit my text above and show me any mistakes in building the sentences.

I am MOHANAD not Mohammed.
I think if Carolina go to the nature she will be so much better than the first time.
Once I have been in another country. it was awful, so that time Did not stop crying. without my friends without anyone I know. it was hard time for me but then I called my mother then I felt so much better than the first time and my mother said to me to be happy and quiet. because she want to come to me into five hour then I felt like I am in heaven because I didn't know anyone there and it is really isn't easy to make a relationship with the other people who cannot speak your language. but I was lucky. because I can speak English language well.

I'd like because I feel very good. I hope to learn more every day.
Thanks. Yenifer