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Episode 03

Tess and Ravi talk about one of the most emblematic forms of transport in London. You guessed it! The big, red double-decker buses! Jo and Adam join them in speaking about transport.

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  • What is your favourite transport?
  • How do you get to work or school or university?
  • Is there a special form of transport that tourists use in your country, like the Routemaster buses in London?
  • Have you ever ridden on the big red buses in London?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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In this city the public transport is not best to travel. I don't have anything against public transport. I think it is great for the environment and if I could use bikes I will, but this city is full of hills, so my favorite transport is the car that is fast to arrive at your destination and comfortable. Here used to be a railway that communicates both countries and works for transported goods between countries. The Railway is not working anymore. I would like to see a more healthy public transport in this city.

In my opinion the best way to get somewhere is by car. Whatever you do, I mean, you travel or just go to work or even feel a bit down to psych up. When you drive a car, you can go as fast or slow as you want in full comfort without being surrounded by other people. You are always in time to work if there’re not so much of traffic jams in tour hometown. Having a car means no restrictions, you are sort of free. When it’s raining and cold outside you’re always dry and happy. Tune music you like on your way to somewhere and things gonna be better. Car as means of transport is very good choice, isn’t it?

In my country there is no special facilities for tourists , they can take taxi, bus or subway for transportation. I usually take a taxi to get to work in the mornings and back home by bus or subway.
I'd rather to take a taxi or use my car to commute but when I get back from work I can use bus because it is the first station and I can seat on the bus while usually it is hard to find an empty seat on the other stations.


How I travel:

I live in a village. I walk to work because the place where I work is in the same street where I live.
There is a general practitioner and a dentist where I live. When I want to see other doctors I have to travel to one of the towns (mainly the biggest one) in the same district. I buy almost everything by mail order. So, about once a month I travel by train. The train station is behind my house. If the train can't come I can also travel by bus. The bus station is close to the the train station.


I like train in the travel .we have some transportation in our city like cars, buses and taxi .when I was in the university I was taking the bus . I really want to ride on the red double-decker buses in London

hi guys,
I never see routemaster bus live in my life but I wonder how it seem. I use to my foot while I go to work because my work is near at home. I can go to work within twenty five minutes. For the first in life I am very lucky. I live in istanbul and there are a lot of transports. my favourite transport is metrobus. it is abreast with main road and very useful. it has got special road without vehicles. there is no traffic and traffic jam and light. it is comeing one more vehicle two or three minutes later. you can get on another one if you miss the metrobus. I guess it look like undergraound. you can go to where you want in time so it is very good but there is important detail.
everybody prefer use to metrobus because of is there is little bit people traffic. good night everyone.

Hello everyone! I'm Alexandr and I'm from Russia.
My favourite transport is a my car.
Usually I get to work by the my car also.
There is a special form of transport for tourists such as the red double-decker buses in my city.
I have never ridden on the big red buses in London, because I have never been in London.
I invite you to St. Petersburg. See you soon.

Hi Alexandr I m sure your city is one of the most beitiful on the word. I would like to go there. Hope I will in future. I like London I visited the city few times couse I live in the Uk (actually)/ London is so busy and expensive to live. Remaind me Warsaw my home town. Regard from England when the rain is too often.

I saw a double-decker bus during my trip to Glasgow. Sitting on a seat on the second floor of the bus may be great, because you can get a better view of the landscape below. I sometimes take a train with such double-decker cars and have a seat on the second floor of such car. The view is great, actually.

Hello everyone,
according to this part of the video I'd like to talk about ways of transport in my country, Poland. We have well-developed public transport here, from buses and trams to even an underground (only in Warsaw). I usually go to work by car because I don't really have other options in my town. There are some suburban buses too but they can't get me to every destination I want. There are also trains in my country, but these are not as good as abroad. Railways need many improvements and changes, for sure, but they're still developing much.