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Episode 03

Tess and Ravi talk about one of the most emblematic forms of transport in London. You guessed it! The big, red double-decker buses! Jo and Adam join them in speaking about transport.

Tess & Ravi

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Leave a comment below!

  • What is your favourite transport?
  • How do you get to work or school or university?
  • Is there a special form of transport that tourists use in your country, like the Routemaster buses in London?
  • Have you ever ridden on the big red buses in London?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


,There are some suburban buses' I m affraid is not good word to use. Never heard suburban buses.

Yulia, I´m from México and I was in Spain too, ten years ago, I love traveling, is one of the best activity, Costa Rica and Guatemala are contries very friendly and wonderfull, I would like you to meet them some day.
best regards

Hello! I am happy to write to you again! I am from Russia. Unfortunately, I have never been to London. I hope that some day I wiil come to London! I was in Spain. It was Sevilla. There I traveled a red double - decer on the top deek right at the front. I like this transport. I live in town. My work is near my house. I usually walk to my work. A walk in the fresh air is wonderful, if there is no frost becouse I live in Siberia!

Hello guys.
In my country, the most common transport is motorbike. But, I don't have motorbike! I usuallly walk to university and I will get the bus if it's rain. The tourists come to my country do not always use the bus to travel around the city, but they can use the bus if they want. In addition, they usually hire the motorbike to go around. After hearing this poscard, I really want to ride on the red double-decker buses in London once. Hope these days in the future!

hello every one
we have some transportation in our city like cars, buses and taxi
we can't ride a bike for transport because the nature of the city, it has so many mountain and also we can't walk for along time.
i prefer the cars to transport for the work
when I was in the university I was taking the bus, my university was in another city it took about 45 min to get there

Hello everyone
The first thing that I need to say is that this practice is very very amazing, because there are a lot of things to which we can practice and share with everybody..Thanks for all team who work here.. English is so difficult for me, but I hope to learn very well. My Favorite transport is car, but i would like to use train some day, I have never used this before.. In my country there are not train and I have never used train in other country. I would like to get on a train!

There are many transportations in my country like bus, car, motorbike or bicycle. However, the motorbike is used more commonly than other vehicles. Of course, I go to the uni by motorbike too. It easily moves on the small street and traffic jams at peak hours are bad. Nowadays, in Vietnam, there are some red double-deckers buses in Hanoi or Danang. Those buses are being tested before they put into use.

I live in a small town Lisichansk, Ukraine. I always go to my university on a bus. And most of the students use the same kind of transport and only small part of the students get to university in a own car. Most of citizens use the bus because people have no money to buy own car. But I hope that one day I'll have my own car. I think that the own car is more comfortable and faster than the bus because it's went veery slowly to collet more passengers.

I'm 14 so I don't use transport to get to work. The only thing I would need transport for is to get to school, but I don't as I live near my highschool and I get there by foot every morning. Eventhough I don't use it, many other people of my country (Spain) do, and the most common ways of transports are cars, buses, the underground and bicycles. We have traffic jams here too, especially during the morningor the afternoon, when everybody gets out of work.

My favourite transport is my car! I use it when i have to travel around my beautiful country.Usually i go to work by feet or by my bike.
there isnt any special form of transport that tourists use in my country, usually they travel by coach.
I have never ride on the big red buses in London but i wish to ride soon.