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Episode 03

Tess and Ravi talk about one of the most emblematic forms of transport in London. You guessed it! The big, red double-decker buses! Jo and Adam join them in speaking about transport.

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Leave a comment below!

  • What is your favourite transport?
  • How do you get to work or school or university?
  • Is there a special form of transport that tourists use in your country, like the Routemaster buses in London?
  • Have you ever ridden on the big red buses in London?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Hi everyone .In my country there are three kinds of transportation which are buses, cars and motorcycle .they are very good but the best ones is motorcycle because it's too fast and you can get the place that you want in minutes but buses always get the place you want late but it's the cheapest kind of transportation .so most of people take buses. We take cars or motorcycle if we are in hurry or traffic jam .but it's very dangerous to take motorcycle always their accedents are terminal because they don't follow the traffic rules .

In my country a lots of people have their own cars and people who do not have car can take a taxi or travel on buses and minibuses only because we don't have metro or underground transport.
Usually there aren't bus conductors and the passenger give money to the driver for bus fares.
Public transport in my country aren't comfortable and very crowded and sometimes when people try to get on or get off bus they scramble and push each other which can be very dangerous.
please correct me if I wrote something wrong
thank you

When I worked far from my home I took a trolleybus - one of the most common transport in my country. Now I work not far from my home and I walk there and back. Generally I prefer walking - it's more healthy.

Ravi says "It took me ages to get here this morning". So why the answer to the question "Ravi walked to studio today" is No

Hello crajeev,

What Ravi actually says is

'There are so many traffic jams in London that it's probably quicker to walk - it took me ages to get here this morning.'

In other words, the implication is that it took ages because of the traffic jams, and if he had walked (though he did not) it would have been quicker.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, nice day for everyone.
I'm from Vietnam. I've worked in Hanoi capital for over 6 years. I sometimes go to work by bus. You know, in my city, buses have only 2 kinds: the big ones and the small ones. It's usually painted in red and yellow or blue, have 2 doors, one for get on and one for get off. People likes travelling by motorbike than by bus because the motorbikes pass through traffic jam easily. An important reason is the buses are very slow and not convenient. It took us about 1 hour for 14 km long, not added wait time. It's terrible, right?
In UK, you have the RouteMaster bus, and in my city, people call "Hung Than Duong Pho", it means Evil street. It's very dangerous when you drive before or after a bus. This bus might pass left, pass right or even stop suddenly when it comes to bus stop.
I wish everthing will improve soon in my country. Poor me, poor Vietnameses....

It may be true in Ha Noi but not true in Ho Chi Minh City.

Really? how is it?

Hello I live in the Uk in a big city, not in London. I travel by bus usually. The buses here are also double decker. I like this kind of bus. We don't have double buses in my country but in my city we have got underground. I love the metro. We've also got trams. I miss trams so much. When I visit my city, I am very excited that I can travel by tram. The trams in Poland are very modern now, they are painted in red and yellow colours. Every city has different colours of public transports. I don't like traffic. It is a big problem in towns. In the UK, the travel is not safe during the evening because the travelers are very rude. The ispector sometimes check the tickets though rarely. The bus has only one door,in my country the buses have 2 or 3 doors so you don't buy the tickets inside.
Thank you for GET, I didn't know how to use the word properly. Now, it is a bit better..

Im hussen from iraq im 32 years old