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Episode 04

Carolina and Jamie go to the pub and see something they didn't expect. Should they tell Emily? Jo and Adam examine the pronouns Carolina and Jamie use to talk about what they saw.

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  • Should Carolina talk to Emily? Should Jamie talk to Cameron?
  • What would you do in that situation?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Actually i do not like men who is lie on girlfriends about his relation with other girls always youth people make a lot of relations specially in school or university but in the other side young girls believe any men said emotional words like I love you or something . to build serious relation that s take many years to trust in someone. so to girls do not believe have to be sure that man love you because your heart will break in the end
if I am in jemie and carolina situation maybe I do not told emliy and I will make her to know by herself

I can't understand very well what first "s" means (Cameron's got a really....) in this sentence (is from Series 4 Episode 4 Task 2) :
"Cameron's got a really good voice – and he's started writing some songs now."
This "s" is from "Cameron has got" or from "Cameron is got a really good voice..."
Thank you so much for your answer

Hello Last biker

Here it is 'has': 'Cameron has got a really good voice'.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

What did you expect? Cameron is a proper man who’d like only Emily amid all that fame being a singer of the band. No, I don’t think so. I have my own opinion about the situation. Cameron is a singer with, looks like, a very good voice. He write his own songs. Person like him always need something or someone for inspiration and new girlfriend is it. Plus there are many of girls who’re enchanted by his voice, so I guess he tend to meet new ones in the future. That’s difficult to affirm that if even Carolina informed Emily it would change something. I think Emily should have treated to this situation calm and wisely seeing that her new boyfriend is not the one she wish he would be and just leave him.

I think Jamie should to talk to Cameron first and understand the situation why he is with that girl..and then Carolina can talk with her friend Emily.

I became very angry when I found out Cameron cheated Emily. If I were Carolina I would definitely tell everything to Emily. My friends are really important to me and I hate cheaters. I never can forgive a person who cheat me and never want to be with them anymore .
If I were Carolina I went to his seat as soon as I saw him and let him know that he shouldn't play with a girl . I think Jammy is his friend and like him and he is on his side, so he dissuaded Carolina to go the Cameron's table.


I've got a question about a preposition. Jo says: "That seems too much to me." I can only find websites with "too much for me". Is 'to' wrong and 'for' right?


Hello User_user
Both 'to' and 'for' are possible in this sentence, but are used in different contexts. 'to' is used to express an opinion (as Jo does here) and 'for' tends to be used more to speak about your own personal experience or desire. For example, if I were serving some food and put too much on Jo's plate, she'd use the preposition 'for': 'That's too much for me'. But here Jo is expressing her opinion about what Carolina should do.
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team


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