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Episode 04

Carolina and Jamie go to the pub and see something they didn't expect. Should they tell Emily? Jo and Adam examine the pronouns Carolina and Jamie use to talk about what they saw.

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  • Should Carolina talk to Emily? Should Jamie talk to Cameron?
  • What would you do in that situation?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
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I would do nothing. But if I was Carolina then I would make Emily and the woman freinds and I will make Camoron like Emily again. Everybody will be happy. Or maybe that woman is Emily.

Hi every one.

I think Carolina have to speak to Cameron before tell Emily that is he want really to be the boyfriend for Emily or not ? If yes, so she has to tell him promise me you will not go to that girl again . If no , now she has to tell Emily about what she saw because things are going to be bad .And if I am in the same situation for Carolina I will do that .

Good evening to everyone.
This is an uncomfortable situation for Carolina and for Jamie and of course for Cameron and for that girl. No one knows the reality, but I'm look forward to know what happened next.
I think that Carolina should talk to Emily about this situation, not just because she is the best friend of her, but because it's only fair. And about Jamie and Cameron I agree to have a chat eachother, Jamie should to talk to him about what he saw.
In my opinion people should be honestly and tell all the time the truth about their opinions and about their intentions.
About this girl, obviously someone should tell her about the situation between Cameron and Emily, indeed she should know about the relation that she has with him.
Like I said above in this situation I prefer all the time the truth, even if it will be hard for some people. But I think it's only fair for everyone.
Bye. See you soon!

Hi Adriancatanescu and Everybody,
It is really uncomfortable situation and that is best if everybody knows the truth before things become more complicated. Of course, it is necessary to handle the situation discreetly. Real friends must not keep the truth back.

I think Emily will know Cameron has another girlfriend. Then she would be sad and bored. Therefore, it's important that she has receipted there advices from her friend, her family.

I feel pity for Emily. Cameroon is a rude,awful and berk men. If I was Emily I would send good far.

wheeew! what a sticky situation. if i see a friend's boyfriend kissing another girl i would surely let him know that i saw him by going up to wherever he is and ask him how he is..and see if he will introduce the girl whom he is kissing.Later, i would confront him with the said issue and give him a second chance.I will tell my friend of her boyfriend's behaviour if it is repetitive

That was very uncomfortable situation for Carolina and Jamie. Especially for Carolina, because she told Emily about Cameron all the time. In my opinion Carolina should ask Emily about their relationship with Cameron. Maybe they had splited up before Carolina and Jamie saw Cameron in the pub. If they didn't broke up, Carolina should told about this other girl Emily.

First Caroline and Jamie should clarify who that girl is and understand real story because it might be any other things which they don’t know so Jamie should talk to Cameron first and figure out the statue of girl. Then, they should decide what to do.

Although the grammer wsr too basic to me, I still learn new words and improving my listening skill from the podcast. I tried another section but speed of speaking was advanced to me, so I think tjis section is apropriate for my listening level.
Thanks alot