Tess and Ravi are back to talk about shopping in London, and Jo and Adam look at how to use the word 'too' in different ways.

Tess & Ravi

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  • What are your favourite places to go shopping where you live?
  • Do you like shopping centres? Markets?
  • Have you been to any of the places in London that Tess and Ravi talked about? Or would you like to?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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of corse as every one i like shoping.since i think 40 years our society has became more and more materialistic so most of people who belong to this society follow .
sometimes we don`t need at all to buy anything but our behaviour has so changed that whenever we have free time we go straight wiste time and money.
i know a lot oxford street ,i think it is one of the best shooping street in the world,i walked all the street many times.
i know also many other places as stratford which is very big at the same time you can visit olympic stadium.

I love to go shopping in shopping centers together with my mom. When we finish shopping, we have some food in fast food restaurants or sometimes in good restaurants. Though there are lots of shopping centers in Yangon, the commercial city of Myanmar, Myanmar people love to go to traditional markets to buy food. There are all sorts of food we want near our houses. Even clothes and devices! Going shopping in shopping centers is a kind of recreation.And there are also second hand books market downtown. So cheap....There are also night markets in Yangon where you can have fun.

Hello to evеryone! I am Stelka from Bulgaria , thank you for this site. I want to learn english!

hi every body
i'm living in a small city near Montpellier in south of France. I like so much shopping in city centre of montpellier named polugone. there are many shops and markets. I would like to visit London and make shopping in Oxford Street and Covent Garden. I hope it will happen this year, so perhaps Hi London!!

Dear Dr Kirk,

I come across the following sentences and perhaps doubt whether they are correct. Thank for taking your time to correct them!

It was not only just fun but also like a bit of useful therapy.

It was just fun but also a bit useful therapy.

He did not only tell me where he worked but also his column and the picture- seeing from his complimentary copy.

It was true that Edengu had lost two women and two children in the past, but his son’s arrival and survival was not only a temporary reprieved to him; but also his people stopped mocking at him.

It was true that Edengu had lost two women and two children in the past, but his son’s arrival and survival was a temporary reprieved to him, but his people stopped mocking at him.

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Hello Dr Kirk,

I'm confused about my use of verbs in this piece of writing. Please correct me, if the writing itself doesn't look grammatically OK thanks.

"Just doing what everyone does, never really makes a difference; but doing what no one has ever thought of (if morally acceptable and outstanding), I think that's what makes a huge difference. Because it will leave a trail for others to follow."

Hello Counsel,

I'm afraid we don't correct users' texts – we are simply too small a team – but I will say that your text looks correct and is intelligible. It's a nice idea!

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help me. I do not enter it. perhap it is error #2032 :(

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