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Episode 09

Tess and Ravi talk about a typical English drink and where to find it. Jo and Adam look at adjectives and adverbs. 

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  • Do people drink beer in your country?
  • If you like beer, have you ever tasted British beer? What did you think of it?
  • Have you ever been to a British-style pub? Or an Irish pub?
  • What do you think of them?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Hello Matej,

Welcome to LearnEnglish and thanks for your contribution. It's interesting to hear about Slovakia and the pubs there.

I'm afraid we don't provide the service of correcting our users' texts, but if you have a specific question about a specific sentence, we'll be happy to help you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Many people drink beer in my country, in fact, I should say that beer and tequila are the most popular here. I like to drink beer, but I don't drink it very often though. I have drunk British beer that is called Bombardier and it's fair to say that it is very good. I've never been in a British pub or Irish pub but I would like go to them one day.

Good morning everybody
Every weekend me and my friends we meet in the cafeteria we stay there about 2 hours we talk about different subjects, sport, politic, culture…… generally we have coffee, tea… or some soft drinks.
There is no alcoholic drink in the coffee of course and we have never gone to the pubs or bar or tasted them.
I think that there are some friends they can’t stay and be funny with each other of them without drinking alcoholic, but this problem is mostly psychological.

I have never drunk British beer because people in my country only drink beer which is made in USA. They hardly drink British beer so I do not know how it tastes .

Hello everyone. I was in a few British Pubs and I don't like it. People there just pretend are friendly but they are not. This is my opinion I don't want to annoy to anyone. I like beer from the UK, I agree with Ravi, there beer it's more tasty.
In my country people drink a lot of beer in the summer, usually we drink lager because most of the pub or markets have only this beer.
But you can find bitter beer as well, actually we have some breweries that produces both of them, and are really tasty.
When I want to spend time with my friends usually I prefer to be outside in nature, to play some games with a ball or with something else

I don't agree with Ravi about either beer or pub. Bitter refers to only a small category of beer called ales. It typically has relatively low alcohol content of 3.8% and also less bitter than other kind of ales as opposed to the name suggests...(bit strange grammatically...) well maybe I should say it has a bit different kind of bitterness. Ales usually have bitterness from hops and a distinct aroma of hops, but a bitter has different kind of bitterness and does not have very strong aroma of hops, in my opinion.

Also, pubs are far more family friendly than bars. While bars are for adults for evenings, pubs are for everyone for any time of the day. Many pubs have children's play grounds. People go to pubs to have meals. Many people who visited the UK complain about how difficult it is sometimes to find a restaurant or a cafe to have lunch. That's because they ignore pubs as they think it is a place to drink alcoholic drinks. But the UK is a country with pub culture! A pub is the place to have lunch and dinner, with kids and even dogs in many places!

I love British ales and pubs. Ales taste far more robust than lagers, and old country pubs feel very peaceful. Spending a sunny afternoon drinking a pint of local ale in the garden of a country pub, reading a newspaper and listening to birds singing, is a luxury that costs next to nothing. I would miss it so much if I ever have to leave this country.

I love the British-style pub. In my city there are several pubs and are amazing and stunning. Also they are succesful.
I like going out with my friends. We go to the cinema. we eat in traditional restaurants and sometines we go to countryside

I´m from a tropical country, Brazil, and here the people like to drink a lot of beer, because during all year the weather normally is very hot. Someday I´ll visit Great Britain and its pubs.

İ want to learn English very well for my education. but synonyms are killing me. İ mean, there are lots of word and İ can't memorize all of them . what can İ do about that? please help me.

Hello eitney,

I wish I could help you but this is really just a question of learning vocabulary and memorisation. You can find some tips on vocabulary on our FAQ page - here.


Best wishes and good luck,


The LearnEnglish Team