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Episode 09

Tess and Ravi talk about a typical English drink and where to find it. Jo and Adam look at adjectives and adverbs. 

Tess & Ravi

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Leave a comment below!

  • Do people drink beer in your country?
  • If you like beer, have you ever tasted British beer? What did you think of it?
  • Have you ever been to a British-style pub? Or an Irish pub?
  • What do you think of them?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I am a football fan too, what club are you supporting?

I've been in a pub, in 2011, near to Bath City when i was in London with my friends and i drunk british beer and ate a meal: muffin, steak with boiled potatoes and a british dessert, my husband preferred a Coke because he doesnt like alcoolhic drinks. In this day, i remember, the weather was cold and raining so the meal tasted so delicious to me.

When I want to spend my time I usually go to a coffee shop, but I never go alone, I always come with friends. There I can spend hours to relax. There are several kinds of coffee shops in my country. There are traditional and modern shops. I like traditional ones. They don't use gas or electricity to make coffee, but the use wood charcoal. The taste will be completely different. And the price is cheap.

About pub , I think it is a place where we meet old friends and , in the same time , we can find new friends . We need to socialise and the pubs is the place where we can do that . I don't have any experience with Britain pubs because I never been in England . I will go when I'll speak english very well .

very nice thank you

Hello everyone.
In Spain, a pub is a place where you go to drink, not to meal. You can order a beer, or any other drink, and usually you get something to eat, to accompany the drink, as olives, chips, nuts... I think that does not happen in Britain. When we want to have a lunch or dinner we usually go to bars and restaurants. I went to Britain 20 years ago and I was in a pub, of course!!

nice one.

Hello everyone
Well...I don't drink alcohol at all because I think iT's bad for health...I have never been to a British pub because I've never been to Britain! but when I feel down or I want to relax I go to a park near our house and I read the holy QURAN that's the way i feel alive or I invite my friends out or I go to the beach

I do that too sometimes

that quite nice