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Episode 09

Tess and Ravi talk about a typical English drink and where to find it. Jo and Adam look at adjectives and adverbs. 

Tess & Ravi

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  • Do people drink beer in your country?
  • If you like beer, have you ever tasted British beer? What did you think of it?
  • Have you ever been to a British-style pub? Or an Irish pub?
  • What do you think of them?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I drink with myself.

when I feel sad, I drink wine; when I despair, I drink spirit.

After this first greeting here greeting teachers attending the British Council it has Thank you very much.
We need to teach the English language I need it in Somalia when it has not been proven Email Thank you all

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Hello Dear
I have never gone to pubs before and unfortunately pubs, bar, disco., beer and wine are unallowed and forbidden In Iran. But most of people like wine and alcoholic beverages. So they drink those stealthy.

How are you all
I have got another view of alcoholic drinks based in my religion (Islam)
Alcoholic drinks are forbidden in my country, so there aren't any pubs or bars and there aren't any type of alcoholic drinks in al my life.
We usually get together (me and my friends) in cafes or in clubs.
I created English club called "English Lovers Club" we meet (me and my friends) twice a month.
It is a good place to practice English language.
with best regards.

In Bucharest we have all sorts of pubs and cafes, even Irish pubs. You can find them in the old town (the historic centre of Bucharest) and also in the newer parts of the city. Our favorite drink is the lagger beer, especially when we watch football games, or an important tennis match played by our Simona Halep. We also enjoy good wines and all sorts of spirrits. When we celebrate an important event in our lives (like a birthday, or a big career success) we preferto drink tequila shots with our friends. And everything it's affordable because our currency it's still the romanian leu. So yeah, I live in an awesome country that I'm proud of !

In Indonesia, alcohol drinks are served in cafes and night clubs. One can not sell alcohol illegally without permit. People who drinks alcohols will be seen negatively by others because they harm your body and cause you to act uncontrollable. I once took a sip of beer belong to my friend. I can't stand the smell, and the taste wasn't very good, too. I prefer strawberry juice.

The minority of people in my country drink beer. For me, I don't like it, and if I did, it could be such an experience to taste British beer. I can imagine a British-style pub or an Irish pub full of beers and drinkers, as I've heared British people drink a lot but ,of course, not as much as other European countries...!

I like to drink beers more than other alchoolic drinks like whisky or vodka. I can't fully trust people who never drink alchoolic drinks. I believe that people who drink alchool are more open to tell the truth.

In my country people usually meet in "cafés", there aren't pubs like the British ones.
In "cafés" we can have alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, tea, coffee or milk and eat some sandwiches and cakes. Portugueses drink lots of coffee.
When I go at London I usually go to a pub to drink beer because I like British beer more than Portuguese ones, it's not so alcoholic.