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Episode 10

Jamie might have the chance to follow his dream. Adam and Jo look at how Jamie and Carolina use 'will', 'won't' and 'might' to talk about his future.

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  • Do you think Jamie should 'follow his dream'? Or stay with Carolina in Newcastle?
  • And what about Carolina – what should she do?
  • What would you do in this situation?
  • Should you always 'follow your dreams'?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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I think both of them are young yet and they should follow their dreams despite they might separate for a while, they have plenty of time to enjoy their relationship. Maybe Carolina should cheer up Jamie for the applications and get happy if he get one of the jobs, If she really love him she should support his dream, also she should finish her career and in the future they might cross their paths again and plan something together in the long term.
Like Adam said in the podcast It's always difficult to decide what should we do in situations when we decide our future in a crossroad, but we can't live a good present without think in the future so, If I were Jamie I'll take the job and follow my dream, and If I were Carolina I'll support Jamie and I'll also finish my career because that's the mean reason she is in Newcastle isn't it?
Each situation is different for everybody and people take options and make decisions all the time about the future, it depends on the personal interests to match the decisions we make with the dreams we have, although I'll love to always follow my dreams, sometimes those decisions affect the life of the members of my family, so it's a matter of balance to choose which dreams to follow and which others let them go.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!!

If we should always follow our dreams or not depends on how serious the relation is and how old you are. If I were in Carolina's situation, I would definitely tell Jamie to follow his dream because I wouldn't know what happens in the future. Carolina and Jamie might find another partner respectively. They might not, of course. But at the age of early 20s, it's not wise to make decisions taking one' boyfriend or girlfriend into consideration. At the older age, or if you are married, you have to talk with your partner before making decisions.

We must follow our dreams, if carolina loves jamie she is gonna let him follow his dreams and if jamie loves carolina he is going to keep her love close. they must find a solution to keep together. I think it is not easy to build healthy and lovely relations where both share interest and friends like they do.

In my point of view, if Jamie got the job, they have to have a decent discussion and everyone should respect the other's opinion.
Anyway, If I were Jamie and I got the job I dream about, I would follow my dream. And perhaps Carolina catch up with Jamie after she finishes her study at Neuckasel university.
A good idea, isn't it ??

If there are no way to get job in newcastle of course you should to flwow his dreams and going to the place where can find hisself for crolina i think she have to be understand the matter and do not let to her emotional to judge to jamie . for me if i am in like same situation I will apologize to my girlfriend . yes absolutely you have to take advantage and follow your dreams

I think he should have told her about his decision before, and because of that, I can assume that he is not in a serious relationship so he will break with her if he got the job. I think we shouldn't fall in love before being able to retain our lovers. It is very terrible to break someone's heart so don't do it. love is a very amazing thing so we should save our love to someone who deserves it and we shouldn't lose the best feeling we ever have, with the wrong person.

I’m pretty sure he’d better follow his dream. I’d definitely do if I were him. Carolina is a really good person and they would get in touch by online or come together as the best decision. In my opinion our life must be bright and interesting and you should grow as a professional especially if you’ve managed to find occupation you like. Carolina has environmental field of activity as Jamie so as I have my own answer, she would join him later after graduation the university.

It is difficult to say what is right and what is wrong. People always judge others by their own point of view and don't even think maybe they are in the wrong. I think It's up to jammy, He must think what is more important for him. Mybe he should search more , maybe he can find a good job in Newcastle.

He must decide and think which one is more important to him the Job, or Carolina. because if he gets the job he probabley lose Carolina. By the way he must told about that to Carolina. It is not fair to not to tell her until he want to left.


Hi guys,
I don't know them ages. Jamie should follow his dreams if they are young as twenties . I think firstly, a person should regulate life self. After you can plan your relationship. that is my opinion. İf the person is your twin soul You shouldn't wait because you can see once and twice in life time. You should value to occasion. You can't wait to be a lot of things in your life. Some people thinks; if I have a car, house and good job I can be serious about relationship. After you have realized who forty years old. I had a same sitiuation. When I twenty seven I met a girl .İn a manner I was a dream.I said myself this is my wife when I saw her. I felt like that. have to chose dreams. I chose my wife Now I am married with her. I don't regret exactly. I followed my dream.