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Episode 14

Carolina and Emily are in the library to study, but end up chatting. Jo and Adam chat about conditionals – sentences with 'if'. 

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  • What about you – how do you like to study? At home? In a café?
  • Do you prefer to study with or without music? At night or in the morning?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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Intermediate: B1
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Dear Krik
Thank you so much. I'll study Help page, If I have any question I'll ask you :-)

best answer . i was thinking to ask as samira,s questions ..

I think the best way to improve Eng skills is by make it as life style. i mean listen to songs, watch movies, read novels, make conversations with others. i don't websites like that, but I like u trying to improve my Eng skills, we can make conversations over skype if u like.
good luck

Hello Ma-Z,

Doing all of the things you describe is certainly a great way to improve your English. Participating in the comments is a way of having a conversation and we hope to see more of you here. Please note, however, that our House Rules prohibit the sharing of personal information such as Skype addresses. You might want to take a look at our Facebook page if you're looking for extensive interaction with others.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Krik,
Thank you for mention House Rules where I didn't know that. I will try your Facebook page for that kind of interaction.

I've observed that amid daytime and nighttime but the best time was always at early morning. I think this is the most better time for me to sink new things into my mind but no matter where I am.

Well, I don't study at the library in my university because it's the worst place for studying in the whole world, you can do anything you want except studying, it's where students chatting, laughing, taking selfies and they even eating there. Can you imagine that??
So I found studying at home is always the best for me, because I used to sing when I get bored of studying to cheer me up, do some exercise or simply have a little nap. And my favourite time is absolutely at night, everyone is sleeping, it's all quite outside, nothing distract me, just courses, a hot cup of coffee and me.

Thank you Peter

when i was in the university i used to go library for reading because it is quite place to get coelenterate.
in my collage only few student used to go library. they like to study at home. so nobody would disturb me.

hi! I don't understand the task 3 (series4 episod 14). When I check the answer I'm right, and at the end when I submit I've just 50 per cent. I don't see where is the problem. Thank you for you help